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A Demi Grace Exclusive: Face of Sephora Releases New Track “Afraid”

Written by. Chalise Macklin  

It is not every day that an up-and-coming artist becomes the face of a cosmetic product and sings the jingle in a well-known hair product commercial. Demi Grace’s entertainment career is off to a good start with credible accolades behind her name.

Grace’s infectious voice can be heard in the current Dark and Lovely commercials and she is one of the faces of Sephora’s new “Makeup Forever” lipstick line.

“I’m so excited. It is a funny story how I got the job. My agent sent me on an audition, but I did not get it. Later, I got a call back for a voice over audition. I told them I could sing and recorded a track during the audition. They loved it and offered me the job. It was really accidental,” said Grace.

Grace has been singing all her life, but she didn’t start releasing music professionally until 2012.

“I always wanted to be a professional singer. I had a talk with God and asked him what I needed to do to get my start and walk through the right door. I started building my social media following and releasing music independently,” Demi Grace said.

Gone are the days that an artist has to be signed to a major label. The music industry is embracing independent artist like Demi Grace. She contributes her current success to her willingness to interact with fans on social media. The effort has caused fans to become more familiar with her sound which she calls Afro-Dance or Afro-EDM infused with a little bit of Pop.

“My sound is influenced by Hip Hop, Nigerian and Afro beat music, and Reggae,” said Demi Grace. “I am extremely diverse. I tapped into many genres and I am a singer-songwriter.”

Her musical style is also a reflection of her heritage. She is of Nigerian descent,was born in London, raised in California, lived in Atlanta and currently a New Yorker. Her time in New York has influenced her new single “Afraid.”

“I moved to New York and met a guy who was nothing like anyone I met before. The relationship was party-driven, but when we were by ourselves it was hard to get him to open up. It was just a mess, hurtful and I expressed that in the song,” Grace said.

She describes the single as an emotional record that you must be ready for.

“When you go out and hear a song like ‘Afraid’ and listen to the lyrics you have to be ready to feel and emotionally connect,” said Demi Grace.

Demi Grace distinct sound is not the only thing gaining attention, her beauty is as well. Her ebony complexion and tall, slender physique serves as an example to young girls that beauty is diverse and unique.

DemiGrace2 (1)I want girls to be okay with what God gave them and work it. I look up to Missy Elliott and Rhianna and how they wear their body makes it (their body) sexy,” said Grace.

The future is bright for Demi Grace. The Sephora campaign she is a part of debuts in August, her upcoming EP is tentatively set for release in September, and she just finished working on a mix with an Atlanta producer which include heavy hitters such as: T-Pain, Trina, Flo Rida and TI.

For those of you in the New York area, check her out at Webster Hall on August 16th.


Rimmel London and Kate Moss Collaborate

By: TaLesha Oliver

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I am so excited about this new collaboration with Kate Moss and Rimmel London Cosmetics. I love beauty collaborations. This year is the 15th anniversary of Kate Moss and Rimmel London working side-by-side and they never cease to amaze us with their collaborations. This supermodel has been in the game for also 20 years and still has people craving for “the London look”. To celebrate their anniversary, she created six shades of Lasting Finish lipsticks that are limited edition. There are three shades of reds and three nudes to caters to all beauty junkies like myself. The inspiration behind the collaboration comes from Kate’s closet. She created every shade off of an ensemble from her closet and worked hard with Rimmel to create this new collection. They allowed their creative juices to flow as they made rose gold packaging to match the reds and nudes that she loves. The lipsticks are made their eight-hour, long lasting color formulation to create more plumped and fuller lips. Now don’t pull your hair trying to figure out when these shades release, because they hit store July 9 and retail for $10, now you cannot beat that deal. Do not forget they are limited edition and so get you little hands on them quick.

Boho Nude

Idol Red

Muse Red


My Nude

Retro Red


Rock-N-Roll Nude

Finding Dory Transformation

By: TaLesha Oliver

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maxresdefault (1)

I love “Finding Nemo” it’s one of my favorite movies. This past Friday, “Finding Dory” hit the theatres, and I have to go see it. “Finding Dory” has made an impact on people, but one person in particular took it to a whole different level. YouTube and beauty guru Chrisspy is such a talented makeup artist. She has the ability to do it all, she has over 3 million Instagram followers and 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. Can we say GOALS! Chrisspy has over She has such a passion for the art and power of makeup, that she transformed into Dory. That transformation insanely amazing. She utilized a variety of different special effects, technical and precise drawing skills, paint and she really took her time to become Dory. To create a look like this it takes a lot or practice and patients. It was not just a decision to paint her blue and attach fins to her head. She incorporated every detail of Dory into this look. There was an illusion of scales, freckles, and big white eyes. She camouflaged herself wearing a black shirt against a black background to give a floating illusion.  If you want to see how she transformed into Dory and see how talented she is, subscribe to her YouTube channel, https://youtu.be/XoVa8rvqZhs


Ariana Grande and MAC Join Forces Again

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Earlier this year Ariana Grande and MAC Cosmetics Collaborated and dropped her Viva Glam collection. Well she’s joining forces with MAC again.  She is in the company of so many other celebrities who have collaborated with MAC: Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few. The Viva Glam program is when MAC and a celebrity collaborate and create a collection, once the collection has launched 100 percent of the shopping proceeds go to the MAC AIDS Fund – a fundraiser committed to acknowledging the international connection with poorness and HIV/AIDS. This time around her hues are an edgy matte mulberry lippy and shimmery pink gloss, so her style. The songstress is launching another combo with MAC. This dup includes an orchid matte lippy and a shimmery mauve gloss. The lipstick retails for $17 and the lip gloss retails for $16. You can slay in either one or pair both of them together to make you stand out even more. However, you will not be able to your little hands on these colors until September 8, so that gives you time to come up with some creative looks to go with her previous Viva Glam Collection. We all know that the Viva Glam Collabs are limited edition, so when it drops you might want to purchase more than one, because you do not want to go to the MAC counter or store to see the little sticker on the lipstick that says “SOLD OUT”.

Tarte Cosmetics and MakeupShayla Collaboration

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Maybe I need to hurry and start my YouTube channel, because it seems like every day a beauty vlogger and a major cosmetics company collaborate and create magic. Today Tarte Cosmetics and beauty guru MakeupShayla announce their new venture together, “Tarte and Shayla Tartiest Contour Palette”. If you follow her on snapchat you saw yesterday’s mini tutorial she gave using the contour palette and it is amazing! The palette includes six different shades that will elevate your contouring game. There are two contouring shades, three highlighters and one peachy toned blush. What I like most about the palette is that it is beneficial to darker skin tones and the shades are buildable. I know you’re wondering, Okay TaLesha, when does the palette launch? Tarte will not tease us and wait forever to release it. So, it is set to release on Tarte’s online store, June 19 which is this upcoming Sunday and hit the shelves at 5 p.m. PST. So mark your calendars and set your alarm if you to get your paws on this product, because you all know that it will sell out fast. Oh! The “Tarte and Shayla Tartiest Contour Palette”, is limited edition, so keep that in mind. To keep up with Shayla and Tarte Cosmetics follow them on Instagram @tartecosmetics and @makeupshayle, also subscribe to Shayla’s channel on YouTube she has over 250,000 subscribers. Remember it launches Sunday, June 19th and as Shayla would always say, remember to strut and slay. XOXO


Kyle Jenner’s New Addition to Her Lip Kit Line Launches TODAY

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Kylie Jenner is launching a new vampy addition to her booming Lip Kit Line. She teased  us Monday on Instagram and snap chat with a #NewShadeAlert,  showing off a pitch-black color. Us makeup junkies hoped that she will reveal the KyMajesty metallic matte color, but she asked her fans which lip kit colors they wanted and put the debut of the lip kit on ice. Her fans decided what hue they wanted and shockingly everyone voted black. “Dead of Knight” is an onyx hue in a matte formulation and will have an equivalent lip liner to make your lips more defined. The grudge-chic lip kit mogul took photos flaunting the edgy lipstick that matches her personal style perfectly. The new hue will be in the company of your favorite lip kit shades: Kourt K, Posie K, Koko K, 22, Dolce K, Exposed, and True Brown K. “Dead of Knight” will bring a certain edginess to her line. We know that it will be sold out immediately post launch, today! Yes, the “Dead of Knight” lip kit launches today, Friday, June 10, 2016, on the Kylie Cosmetics website. So make sure you keep up with her today on Instagram and snap chat, turn on her post notifications if needed, so you can get your grungy little paws on the lip kit.