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New Ways To Do College:SCAD Pads

By: Lauren Sims

The Tiny House Movement has been growing incredibly over the past few years. Early tiny house construction workers and dwellers have written books, hosted festivals, and started television and web shows to bring awareness and support to the movement, and to educate other people who are interested. The millennial generation has taken the nuances of the architecture and alternative living industry by storm, creating both techno-solutions to daily living problems as well as eco-solutions. The Tiny House Movement covers more than just physical tiny homes. It covers earth-ships, tree houses, tree orbs, house boats, Lotus Belle Tents, Yurts and a plethora of other daily living alternatives.

Colleges and Universities have also taken interest in the lifestyle of less, and have even gone as far as experimenting with the construction, design, and livability of tiny dwellings for college students. SCAD specifically has been successful in the creation of tiny-dorms, more popularly known as “SCAD Pads”.

The students of SCAD’s architecture, interior & exterior design, eco-housing, departments at the School of Building Arts all had a hand in the planning, design, and production of the SCAD Pads. The entire project was based on finding solutions to urban density and new uses of urban space, and it has provided an exceptional model and curiosity for other schools and areas around the world. Check it out!