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Tiffany and Co Recruit Elle Fanning and Lupita Nyongo For Reshaping Campaign

Written by. Chalise Macklin

Tiffany and Co is known for providing men with that special, little blue box and bringing joy to many women’s lives. But their signature jewelry and legacy is in jeopardy. The company is experiencing falling profits and stock prices, according to a business report from Business of Fashion. The jeweler is on a mission to turn things around and has enlisted some A-list celebrities to help do so.


Former American Vogue creative director, Grace Coddington, joined the jewelry house as a creative partner to help with rebranding. Coddington has signed teen star Elle Fanning and Lupita Nyong’o on to represent the timeless brand along with models Natalie Westling and Christy Turlington. A historic moment for the company because this marks the first time celebrities have starred in a campaign. Each lady showcases a piece of the brand’s new “Tiffany T” collection. Nyong’o posted a preview of her ad, which will be released nationwide in September.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.15.40 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.17.11 PM

The reshaped concept is titled “Legendary Style.” Upcoming campaigns will feature women in the studio instead of their iconic ads that are black and white and feature women wearing their jewelry on New York streets. A re-launch of the company’s affordable “Love” collection by designer Reed Krakoff with the slogan “#lovenotlike” will also be released soon.

Tiffany and Co are hoping to attract a younger buyer, particularly millennials. The company also intends to introduce it to new consumers and get skeptics to reconsider.




Google Offering New Emoji To Better Represent Women and Young Girls

Written by. Chalise Macklin

Most people express themselves on social media multiple times a day. In fact, Business Insider indicates 20 percent of total time spent online in the US is on social platforms. Usually, an emoji is a part of that message to further illustrate feelings. Women and young girls complain there are not enough emoji to accurately convey their thoughts and feelings. It will become easier for them to do so soon.

Although there is a wide range of emoji, there are not a lot that showcase the many facets of women’s careers, or empower young girls. The Unicode Emoji Subcommittee agreed to add 11 new professional emoji.

emojiFirst Lady Michelle Obama spoke out in support of the creation of more emoji. Now; she, other women, and girls can rejoice. The new emoji will provide more options for both women and men. Google indicated that the professional emoji for women were unfairly limited before and included a bride and a princess, which is not the average woman’s career or career aspiration. The options now include a variety of careers such as: business, healthcare, education, food service, entertainment and STEM. There will also be more emoji with skin tone choices.

The new emoji should be available in future versions of Android and on other Google platforms.

emoji1Meanwhile, Facebook is testing a new messenger app which automatically deletes messages sent in a “secret conversation.” Messages included in the “secret conversation” are end-to-end encrypted and can be scheduled to be permanently deleted. The new messenger app can be used to discuss sensitive topics or share information that would be highly compromising if in the hands of a third party.

secretThis new form of messenger is still in a trial period and there are limitations to the system. Facebook have said they will improve the system by the end of the summer.

American Girl New Collection

Written by. Chalise Macklin

For the last 30 years, American Girl dolls have been a staple in little girl’s rooms. The company gained its popularity for providing unique dolls with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and well thought-out accessories that all girls can enjoy. Now Addy, Kaya, Kirsten, Samantha, Nellie, Molly, and the other original dolls are welcoming Wellie Wishers collection.


The new line of dolls can be personalized by skin tone, eye color and hair.

wwagThe President of American Girl, Katy Dickson said the decision to create a new line came from the overwhelming requests for a line of dolls for younger girls who may not be ready for their flagship doll line. She ensures the new dolls will still convey the valuable life lessons about what it means to be a good person.

“Wellie Wishers is the answer to that call, and we’re proud to continue partnering with parents to support their daughters’ development at all ages and stages,” said Dickson.

All the new characters are all wearing rubber wellie boots and love playing outside. Their storylines are focused on outdoor settings and their little playhouse. The new character’s storyline also emphasize understanding others by standing in their shoes or “wellies.”

american girl dolls

In the past, American Girl dolls have focused more on the individual doll’s distinctive storylines, but the Wellie Wishers depict the relationship between five friends and how they navigate through lessons in empathy and compassion.

Over 29 million American Girl dolls have been sold and they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Check out the new collection below:

Willa – She is an animal lover.


Ashlyn –She is a princess-in-training and party-planner extraordinaire.


Kendall –She is creative and always inventing and she is known to patch up friendly mix-ups.

kendallEmerson – She loves the spotlight and telling jokes to her friends and singing.

emersonCamille – She loves the ocean and the listening ear for her friends.

camilleThe Wellie Wishers line goes on sale June 23. For more information go to

Show Your Disney Love With These New Coach Bags

Written By: AbsolutViolette

The brand Coach is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year, and part of that celebration involves a new limited-edition collaboration with Disney. Whether you’re a Disney fan or a Coach fan, you’re sure to enjoy this collection. Besides, who doesn’t like Disney?

Coach Disney Collaboration

The bags all feature a specially-created Mickey Mouse sketch made by Disney animators, and one of the bags even features the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. This collaboration is the perfect marriage between style and childhood nostalgia.

On June 17th make your way to your nearest Coach store or which is when this limited edition drops. Take the opportunity to showcase your Disney love this summer with any of the various designs that satisfy a variety of styles.

The collection isn’t limited to just bags, but also includes a studded leather jacket, T-shirts, sportswear, and sneakers.  And it dosesn’t stop at apparel and accessories. There’s also leather display cases containing rare Mickey comic books, with a mouse on their spine, coasters, frames, a group of free-standing mice in black leather that come in various sizes, and beanbags!

All photos courtesy of Coach

New Ways To Do College:SCAD Pads

By: Lauren Sims

The Tiny House Movement has been growing incredibly over the past few years. Early tiny house construction workers and dwellers have written books, hosted festivals, and started television and web shows to bring awareness and support to the movement, and to educate other people who are interested. The millennial generation has taken the nuances of the architecture and alternative living industry by storm, creating both techno-solutions to daily living problems as well as eco-solutions. The Tiny House Movement covers more than just physical tiny homes. It covers earth-ships, tree houses, tree orbs, house boats, Lotus Belle Tents, Yurts and a plethora of other daily living alternatives.

Colleges and Universities have also taken interest in the lifestyle of less, and have even gone as far as experimenting with the construction, design, and livability of tiny dwellings for college students. SCAD specifically has been successful in the creation of tiny-dorms, more popularly known as “SCAD Pads”.

The students of SCAD’s architecture, interior & exterior design, eco-housing, departments at the School of Building Arts all had a hand in the planning, design, and production of the SCAD Pads. The entire project was based on finding solutions to urban density and new uses of urban space, and it has provided an exceptional model and curiosity for other schools and areas around the world. Check it out!



Gabby Douglas Working To Make History Again

Written by. Chalise Macklin

Gabby Douglas has already made history and she is working to do it again. In 2012, she beat out the competition and won the Olympic gold medal for all- around champion (gymnastics) during the London Summer Games. She was the first African American female to accomplish this feat.

gab flowers

She also won a gold medal with her team known as the “Fierce Five.” Gabby was only 16 when she won both titles; now for years later she is back in the gym working to set a new record that has never been done.

Fierce-FiveDouglas is training to become the first American to ever to win a back-to-back gymnastics gold medal in the all-around category at the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She is allowing America to embark on her journey as she works toward her goals. Reluctant at first, Gabby agreed to star in a reality show with her family called Douglas Family Gold that chronicles her road back to the top.

gabby familyAfter some time off, Douglas has racked up 6 more medals including another gold medal at the American Cup this year. The reality show focuses on her mom working as her manager, her sisters helping her with her GK leotard brand, and her family supporting her through the ups and downs as she fights to stay an Olympic champion.

The first episode already aired, but you can tune in and follow her journey weekly on Oxygen. Gabby’s journey is sure to be infectious and may inspire other young girls and women to pursue their dreams and work hard to obtain their goals.