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A Demi Grace Exclusive: Face of Sephora Releases New Track “Afraid”

Written by. Chalise Macklin  

It is not every day that an up-and-coming artist becomes the face of a cosmetic product and sings the jingle in a well-known hair product commercial. Demi Grace’s entertainment career is off to a good start with credible accolades behind her name.

Grace’s infectious voice can be heard in the current Dark and Lovely commercials and she is one of the faces of Sephora’s new “Makeup Forever” lipstick line.

“I’m so excited. It is a funny story how I got the job. My agent sent me on an audition, but I did not get it. Later, I got a call back for a voice over audition. I told them I could sing and recorded a track during the audition. They loved it and offered me the job. It was really accidental,” said Grace.

Grace has been singing all her life, but she didn’t start releasing music professionally until 2012.

“I always wanted to be a professional singer. I had a talk with God and asked him what I needed to do to get my start and walk through the right door. I started building my social media following and releasing music independently,” Demi Grace said.

Gone are the days that an artist has to be signed to a major label. The music industry is embracing independent artist like Demi Grace. She contributes her current success to her willingness to interact with fans on social media. The effort has caused fans to become more familiar with her sound which she calls Afro-Dance or Afro-EDM infused with a little bit of Pop.

“My sound is influenced by Hip Hop, Nigerian and Afro beat music, and Reggae,” said Demi Grace. “I am extremely diverse. I tapped into many genres and I am a singer-songwriter.”

Her musical style is also a reflection of her heritage. She is of Nigerian descent,was born in London, raised in California, lived in Atlanta and currently a New Yorker. Her time in New York has influenced her new single “Afraid.”

“I moved to New York and met a guy who was nothing like anyone I met before. The relationship was party-driven, but when we were by ourselves it was hard to get him to open up. It was just a mess, hurtful and I expressed that in the song,” Grace said.

She describes the single as an emotional record that you must be ready for.

“When you go out and hear a song like ‘Afraid’ and listen to the lyrics you have to be ready to feel and emotionally connect,” said Demi Grace.

Demi Grace distinct sound is not the only thing gaining attention, her beauty is as well. Her ebony complexion and tall, slender physique serves as an example to young girls that beauty is diverse and unique.

DemiGrace2 (1)I want girls to be okay with what God gave them and work it. I look up to Missy Elliott and Rhianna and how they wear their body makes it (their body) sexy,” said Grace.

The future is bright for Demi Grace. The Sephora campaign she is a part of debuts in August, her upcoming EP is tentatively set for release in September, and she just finished working on a mix with an Atlanta producer which include heavy hitters such as: T-Pain, Trina, Flo Rida and TI.

For those of you in the New York area, check her out at Webster Hall on August 16th.


American Girl New Collection

Written by. Chalise Macklin

For the last 30 years, American Girl dolls have been a staple in little girl’s rooms. The company gained its popularity for providing unique dolls with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and well thought-out accessories that all girls can enjoy. Now Addy, Kaya, Kirsten, Samantha, Nellie, Molly, and the other original dolls are welcoming Wellie Wishers collection.


The new line of dolls can be personalized by skin tone, eye color and hair.

wwagThe President of American Girl, Katy Dickson said the decision to create a new line came from the overwhelming requests for a line of dolls for younger girls who may not be ready for their flagship doll line. She ensures the new dolls will still convey the valuable life lessons about what it means to be a good person.

“Wellie Wishers is the answer to that call, and we’re proud to continue partnering with parents to support their daughters’ development at all ages and stages,” said Dickson.

All the new characters are all wearing rubber wellie boots and love playing outside. Their storylines are focused on outdoor settings and their little playhouse. The new character’s storyline also emphasize understanding others by standing in their shoes or “wellies.”

american girl dolls

In the past, American Girl dolls have focused more on the individual doll’s distinctive storylines, but the Wellie Wishers depict the relationship between five friends and how they navigate through lessons in empathy and compassion.

Over 29 million American Girl dolls have been sold and they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Check out the new collection below:

Willa – She is an animal lover.


Ashlyn –She is a princess-in-training and party-planner extraordinaire.


Kendall –She is creative and always inventing and she is known to patch up friendly mix-ups.

kendallEmerson – She loves the spotlight and telling jokes to her friends and singing.

emersonCamille – She loves the ocean and the listening ear for her friends.

camilleThe Wellie Wishers line goes on sale June 23. For more information go to

Jourdan Dunn Motivating Young Women On And Off the Runway


Written by. Chalise Macklin

This is not the time to doubt yourself or feel you can’t achieve your dreams. There are several movements happening to boost girls, teens, and young women’s self-esteem and focuses on what makes them great. From #blackgirlmagic, #alllivesmatter, and now #ActuallySheCan; there are plenty of motivational outlets to tap into for inspiration.

Women’s health company, Allegran, launched #ActuallySheCan campaign to encourage female empowerment through inspiration and help young women to reach their professional, personal, and societal goals.

ASC ASC1The company says, “This is a movement for those who aren’t afraid to toss out what they don’t want to make room for what they do. Because we believe focusing on the positive things in your life means less drama, more karma.”

The outlet is designed to educate, celebrate and support young ladies as they strive to reach their full potential. The platform also continues Allegran’s commitment to donating to charities that focus on women’s causes. Supermodel, Jourdan Dunn, has partnered with the organization as the face and ambassador. Dunn indicated she is all about supporting and inspiring other women.

Jourdan DunnLea Michele is also supporting the campaign and is promoting bringing back sisterhood and strength.

Lea Michelle

#ActuallySheCan partnered with LeMotto to create limited edition tank tops with inspirational phrases such as: “Less Hesitation, More Meditation,” and “Less Drama, More Karma.” The platform also has contests and events.

Whether it’s by sporting an inspirational t-shirt, or receiving motivation from a celebrity, young women have the opportunity to be encourage to defy odds, challenge convention, and inspire their generation.



Meditation in All its Glory

By: Lauren Sims

When growing up and trying to figure out which path to take, the pressure of various outside forces can really weigh down on your inner strength. Everyone handles stress and the pressures of life differently, but sometimes the best methods to cope with the darkness fall through the cracks of our daily lives.. Between meetings, class, the job, family, and the dreams and goals you set for yourself, it’s hard to know, or find time to find out how to find balance and maintain peace from within. However, despite all of the elements that create our reality today, there are still ancient practices that can, and do, help people move through life with a bit more control than they feel they have.

Meditation is a spiritual practice that has been passed down through millenia, which involves one to sit in silence and breathe for as much time as one needs, consistently. Meditation has been proven to be the solution to many stress-related disorders and diseases. According to numerous specialists, researchers, and doctors, both mainstream and holistic, have proven that meditation assists in preventing and stopping things like high blood pressure, insomnia (common among college students), irritable bowel syndrome, and even headaches! It important to always strive for wellness over health.

On the journey to achieving wellness, the focus should always be the whole self. When you choose to meditate, you choose to seek and maintain balance in every part of your existence, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Each of these areas affect one another, and meditation is a great way to make each of those elements of your life better. For more information on meditation and welness, visit the following sites:

How to Meditate


The Standard Of Beauty Could Be Changing

Written by. Chalise Macklin

Marilyn Monroe or Dorothy Dandridge were not a size zero and you don’t have to be either. Most women and girls are not naturally a size two, but many watch what they eat and exercise striving to get the “perfect” body.

“You think my worth is in not eating. As a society we can’t allow girls to live like that anymore, said model Nathalia Novaes in the trailer for Straight/Curve.

There is a very limited representation of women and their bodies in mainstream media. Straight/Curve, a documentary on body image, is trying to aid in changing the perception of beauty by pushing for body diversity in the fashion and beauty industry.

Former model, Jessica Lewis, is the producer of the documentary along with Jenny McQuaile who is also a producer and director. The documentary is being released during a defining time in the fashion and modeling world. Many beauty brands and designers are working to reinvent the standard of beauty. The movement is being called evolutionary and likely comes from the complaints that many ladies and girls have about the fashion industry not being inclusive to all women, and the backlash from some popular beauty ads. Recently, Victoria Secret came under fire for its “Perfect Body” campaign and the tagline was changed. Many more popular and high-end brands have received scrutiny for promoting their products with a limited scope of women’s beauty.

“It is not a vanity issue, but a serious public health issue,” said Claire Mysko (CEO, National Eating Disorders Association).

The average woman is a size 12-14, and representation for those women and plus size women remains scarce. For decades, beauty has been viewed as mostly white or fair skin women, who are thin. The “thin ideal” can be psychologically and physically damaging and divisive.

Straight/Curve is expected to be released in 2017. Once released, it is sure to kick the talk about body diversity into high gear. The creators are hoping the documentary will lead to more women and girls of all sizes, ages and ethnicities in campaigns, on billboards and magazines. The fashion industry may finally realize inclusivity is not only lucrative, but could help reduce self-esteem issues in girls, and women, and portray more realistic picture of what true beauty is.



Go Vegan On Your Nails

Written by Chalise Macklin

For some, an outfit isn’t complete without accessories. One of the go to items these days to express personal style, is nail polish. Fashionistas are willing to pay as much as $40 dollars for a single bottle. OPI, NARS, and China Glaze are getting some competition from an up-and-coming nail polish line, Ginger + Liz Colour Collection. Continue reading Go Vegan On Your Nails