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Fashion Slay or Nay: Marjorie and Lori Harvey’s Italy Vacation

By: TaLesha Oliver

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As we all know Marjorie Harvey slays anything she wears. She can wear a potato sack and still slay. She was on vacation with her beautiful daughter Lori in Italy wearing a Dolce and Gabbana haute couture pink floral cloak, with a sleek top-knot bun and diamond cross earrings. It was floral embroidered with a hood covered in petals, so D&G. She strutted up and down the streets of Naples with Lori who slayed in a Louis Vuitton jumpsuit, Tom Ford heels, and a sleek ponytail. So chic. Marjorie is not only known as the wife of comedian and mogul Steve Harvey, but she has a reputation of always being fashionable and graceful. I vote slay! This mother-daughter duo killed it this weekend.  She has a fashion blog call The Lady Loves Couture, go check it out!




Throwback Thursday: Black Supermodels Who Changed Fashion

By: TaLesha Oliver

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The fashion industry is forever evolving, from the fashion to the models. Over the years, fashion has been a platform for so many women that allowed them to tear down barriers in this industry. These supermodels made history during a time wear the fashion industry only catered to a certain type of look, maybe blonde hair- blues eyes or the size two model. They paved the way for so many fashion models today like Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn. These women are Beverly Johnson, Tyra Banks, Iman, Alek Wek, Naomi Campbell, Naomi Sims, and Veronica Webb. Let’s take a look at these women.


Before Beverly Johnson, Tyra Banks, and Kimora Lee Simmons there was Naomi Sims. She was the FIRST black supermodel ever! She was the first black woman to be of the cover of LIFE Magazine in 1969. Naomi Sims passed away of breast cancer in 2009.


Starting off as a professional swimmer, Beverly Johnson has graced the covers of 500 magazines. She was the first black model to be on the cover of American Vogue in 1974 along with being on the covers of German Cosmopolitan and French Elle, these covers made her an icon in the fashion industry.


Iman changed the game by being a hit on the catwalk and in print during a time where black models only did print ads. The Somolian beauty is not only a tall beautiful woman, but what was really striking about her was her long neck and high forehead. Her regal features allowed her to work with the top photographers in the industry. Since her retirement, Iman is now a cosmetics mogul.


In the 90’s Tyra Banks was the model everyone wanted. Of course she was gorgeous with her green eyes, but was known for her signature walk on the runway. In 1997 she showed the world that is was okay to have curves when became the first and only black model on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. She went on to be one of the most successful Victoria’s Secret Angels in the world. She’s now a producer of her hit show Americas Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show.


Alek Wek set a standard in the fashion industry. At the age of 18 the Sudanese model stood out with her beautiful dark skin and African facial structure. She broke a stereotype for black in the fashion industry with her unique look.


Naomi Campbell began her career in 1986 and is still strutting down runways today. She made history being the first black woman on the cover of French Vogue and Time Magazine.


Veronica Webb was the first black model to have an exclusive contract with cosmetics brand, Revlon. In 1992, she was signed to Revlon as a brand ambassador. She made her way to film and was on the covers of Vogue Italia, Elle, and Essence.

Send Him Nudes

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Nudes and flesh tones are trending right now. Everything from nude under garments, nude lipsticks and shoes. Nudes are easy hues to wear because it’s an easy way to wear nothing at all. Wearing a nude dress, blouse, pants, or skirt appears to be more polished and chic and goes with a lot of different things. Nude is the new black.  Flesh tones have been inspiration for some of the top fashion designers, Balmain, Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, and Alexander McQueen. The key to wearing flesh tones is to keep the colors one shade lighter or darker than your skin tone. There are also many shades of nude, like beige nude, pink nude, olive green is considered as well, golden nude, and many more. It gives your look simplicity and elegance. Sometimes we find ourselves not being able to find something to wear, for me nude is the go to. Find a shade that compliments you and your personality, and accessorize it with statement pieces of different things like big hoop or dangling earrings, cuff bracelet, a high waist belt, a necklace or clutch. When wearing nudes, you want to make yourself stand out with the accessories you wear. Also nude shoes can literally be worn with anything! You can pair them with jeans and a cute top or a nice bodycon dress. Remember, nude is the new black. I hope my tips and trend report helped you guys and remember if he asks for nudes send it to him.


Chic Hat Trends for the Summer

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Do you need some accessory inspiration for the Summer? Well, its best that you do not sleep on hats. Get rid of the cheesy floral crown and caps for that chic, fashionable hat that’s worn by almost every famous fashionista in the world. Wide – brim straw hats are what’s hot right now. This vintage accessory is popping right now but with modern twist combined with a cute crop top and high-waist pants or a shabby chic baby doll dress and sandals. There are different styles of straw hats: beach hats, boat hats, and fedora hats. Don’t worry they come in different colors and patterns, from pastels to hounds tooth. So many celebs are sporting these trends like supermodel Kendall Jenner, the queen Bey herself Beyoncé, and more! You can find these trends at your local retail stores.



Boat hats are really trending this season. Not only is it a chic accessory, but also a great sun protectant.


Another sun barrier hat is the straw beach hat with a flimsy brim that will pull your entire swim wear look together. This hat can be worn with maxi dresses as well and comes in all sizes, colors, and different fabrics too.



Courtesy of Chanel, fedora hats just made a comeback. Let’s be honest when was the last time we saw a fedora hat, especially on the catwalk or publicly. You can pair this hat with anything like a blazer and skinny jeans, a suit, or a cute baby doll dress.

The Standard Of Beauty Could Be Changing

Written by. Chalise Macklin

Marilyn Monroe or Dorothy Dandridge were not a size zero and you don’t have to be either. Most women and girls are not naturally a size two, but many watch what they eat and exercise striving to get the “perfect” body.

“You think my worth is in not eating. As a society we can’t allow girls to live like that anymore, said model Nathalia Novaes in the trailer for Straight/Curve.

There is a very limited representation of women and their bodies in mainstream media. Straight/Curve, a documentary on body image, is trying to aid in changing the perception of beauty by pushing for body diversity in the fashion and beauty industry.

Former model, Jessica Lewis, is the producer of the documentary along with Jenny McQuaile who is also a producer and director. The documentary is being released during a defining time in the fashion and modeling world. Many beauty brands and designers are working to reinvent the standard of beauty. The movement is being called evolutionary and likely comes from the complaints that many ladies and girls have about the fashion industry not being inclusive to all women, and the backlash from some popular beauty ads. Recently, Victoria Secret came under fire for its “Perfect Body” campaign and the tagline was changed. Many more popular and high-end brands have received scrutiny for promoting their products with a limited scope of women’s beauty.

“It is not a vanity issue, but a serious public health issue,” said Claire Mysko (CEO, National Eating Disorders Association).

The average woman is a size 12-14, and representation for those women and plus size women remains scarce. For decades, beauty has been viewed as mostly white or fair skin women, who are thin. The “thin ideal” can be psychologically and physically damaging and divisive.

Straight/Curve is expected to be released in 2017. Once released, it is sure to kick the talk about body diversity into high gear. The creators are hoping the documentary will lead to more women and girls of all sizes, ages and ethnicities in campaigns, on billboards and magazines. The fashion industry may finally realize inclusivity is not only lucrative, but could help reduce self-esteem issues in girls, and women, and portray more realistic picture of what true beauty is.



Make Room In Your Closet – H&M Has A New Collection

Written by. Chalise Macklin

H&M continues to reign supreme. The company announced a new collaboration with Parisian fashion house, Kenzo. The collection comes on the heels of their highly successfully partnership with Balmain. Last year’s Balmain partnership was H&M’s most popular so far – Kenzo has big shoes to fill. Previews of the collection have surfaced and fashion experts indicate the line will not disappoint. Continue reading Make Room In Your Closet – H&M Has A New Collection