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Rising Star Chloe East’s Love for Film – Infront & Behind the Lense

Written By: AbsolutViolette

Chloe East is the multi-talented and film-enthusiastic 15-year-old actress starring in the upcoming MarVista movie “Jessica Darling’s It List” based on the book under the same title by Megan McCafferty. According to East, the movie stays true to the book, which she loved reading. The coming of age movie, that will air on TV June 21st, is about Jessica who get’s an “It List” from her older sister Bethany on how to become popular as she’s headed to into the 7th grade at a new school.

Jessica Darling's It List

On popularity, East believes it’s not that important and that one should never do anything for the sole purpose of becoming popular. Instead, she advises that one does whatever it is they love to do, and if popularity is a by-product, then that’s a different story, keeping in mind that popularity can be distracting.

Filming the movie was a great deal of fun for East and she has many fond memories of her time on set including meeting the author McCafferty who showed up on set a couple of times, and watching her see her book come to life was a cool experience. Other memories include their trailer dance parties while having lunch and yoga sessions led by her yoga-enthusiastic cast mate. Filming this movie was also vastly different from filming the sitcom “Liv and Maddie” she appears in; as the movie was shot using a “single-cam setup” whereas “Liv and Maddie” uses a “multi-cam setup”, a process that is much faster. Although the “single-cam setup” takes longer, it’s what East slightly prefers.

Chloe East Finding Dory
MANHATTAN BEACH, CA – MAY 19: Actress Chole East attends the launch of the Disney Pixar ‘Finding Dory’ collection from Trina Turk held at the Shade Hotel on May 19, 2016 in Manhattan Beach, California. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Disney Consumer Products & Interactive Media)

East, who has a popular YouTube channel which she uses as a creative outlet, was excited to find out that fellow YouTuber Blair Fowler plays her older sister. Their shared passion for cameras and video creation led to some interesting discussions on set. Fowler also inspired East to start making more makeup related videos for her own channel.

Speaking of YouTube, East films the content for her channel using a Canon 70D with a Sigma 35mm F1.4 lens and edits with Final Cut Pro X. Her love for film and directorial ambitions have a made her a perfectionist when it comes to editing, stating it can take hours just to get seconds of a clip perfect. Her cinematography obsession, as she refers to it, has also caused her to look up directors and watch all their films. East gets inspiration from watching movies and her ambition, as an actress and future director, grows with every movie as she says “you can learn so much from just watching”.

Though East also has a Vlogging channel, where she documents her day-to-day life, she slightly prefers filming for her main channel as she gets to be more creative and also put to use her fancy equipment, though filming vlogs is easier. When she gets older, East says she would love to write and direct a film. “Having all that power, being able to create a storyline. It’s so amazing” she explains. Not just any film though, but one shot with a 35mm film camera – an art which is dying out she says. One place where she’s able to enjoy this dying art however, is at the “New Beverly Cinema” which is a historic movie theater in L.A. that only shows old movies shot on film, no digital releases. East’s love for the “old” may also be behind her desire to star in a Western movie, although she’s open to any genre.

Already busy as it is, East squeezes in time to film and edit her own videos because she loves it so much, even if it means filming at 1 am and getting 4 hours of sleep. Her iPhone app Sleep Cycle tracks her sleep patterns and supposedly also wakes her up at the “perfect” time. Being a night owl helps though. Other apps that she can’t live without are of course, YouTube and Instagram, as well as the game “Heads Up” which is fun to play with her friends.

Chloe East
LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 30: Internet personality Chloe East attends the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on April 30, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

If you happen to be in Anaheim, CA June 23-25, you can catch Chloe attending the VidCon conference which she’ll be attending along with hundreds of other YouTube creators and thousands of more YouTube fans. East herself hopes to meet YouTube twins Nina and Randa, who while attending last year’s VidCon inspired her to go “Seagan” (Vegan who eats seafood). “I love sushi and could go days just eating it.” On being “Vegan”, East says it’s easy when you live in a city like L.A. where the recent trend has opened up a multitude of options.

If you’re not attending VidCon, stay connected with Chloe through her social media channels linked below.

Twitter: @ChloeEast_ Instagram: @chloeeast YouTube: ChloeEast YouTube Vlogs: Chloe East Vlogs


Won’t He Do It! Tamar Braxton Lands Her Own Talk Show

Written by. Chalise Macklin

Tamar Braxton has made headlines for weeks; after news surfaced she would not return to The Real for season 3. Braxton took a brief hiatus from social media and had not officially addressed the departure from the show. She finally broke her silence on The Steve Harvey Morning Show today (June 2nd).

harveySteve Harvey asked her the questions everyone wanted answers to; did she have any idea she would be let go or was she given a reason?

Braxton explained that her husband, Vince Herbert, called The Real about glam for the Essence festival and was informed she was no longer a part of the panel.

the realTamar said, “For this to come out of the blue, this was astonishing to be honest.”

She goes on to say she did not reach out for an explanation for why she was let go, but Vince did as well as her agent and lawyer. According to Braxton, no one has contacted her. Tamar said it still bothers her that she doesn’t know why she was fired. But fans are not convinced she was clueless. They took to twitter during the interview posting comments of disbelief.

Despite the situation, she remains positive.

“This is not a setback, it’s a setup. You have to speak positivity over your life and move forward,” said Tamar.

Moving forward is exactly what she is doing. Later in the show, Harvey announced that he signed Tamar to his company to produce a talk show.

“We are proud to announce that 112th Street Productions…my production company, East 112th Production has just signed Tamar Braxton to produce a talk show, TV series with Tamar Braxton,” said the talk show host.

CELEBRITY FAMILY FEUD - "Anthony Anderson vs Toni Braxton and Monica Potter vs Curtis Stone" - The series premiere of "Celebrity Family Feud" will feature actor Anthony Anderson's ("black-ish") family vs. 7-time Grammy Award-winning artist Toni Braxton and her sisters; and in a separate game, family members from Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone and actress Monica Potter will spar off against each other to win money for a charity of their choice. Hosted by Steve Harvey, the highly popular multi-hyphenate standup comedian, actor, author, deejay and Emmy Award-winning talk-show and game-show host, "Celebrity Family Feud" premieres on SUNDAY, JUNE 21 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Adam Taylor) TAMAR BRAXTON, STEVE HARVEY, TOWANDA BRAXTON

The two didn’t reveal any more details about the upcoming show, but the vagueness surely will  build up anticipation.

Tamar’s reaction to being fired from The Real doesn’t end on Harvey’s radio show. Her reaction was captured by the camera crew of Braxton Family Values and will be aired tonight. The episode will pick up two hours after she received the news and how her sisters supported her through the tough time.

A lot has happened to Tamar in the last year, including a health scare. It seems Tamar has landed on her feet. The breakout star of Braxton Family Values journey toward superstardom continues on.


Baby Alert! Wale and Chloe Jourdan are Having a Girl!

By: Lauren Sims

Talk about Baby Fever! It’s always a joy and a blessing to know that new life is coming into the world, and making families whole. This week Wale’s girlfriend’s sister posted pictures of the mommy-to-be on Instagram, complimenting how awesome her sister looked and how gracefully she’s handled her pregnancy. Earlier this year, Wale confessed a few issues that he’s been dealing with in life a career such as his battle with depression, substance abuse, and the tragic loss of the couple’s first child. He sat with MTV News and explained the pace he was in when they experienced that tragic loss saying, “You get to a level, to a place in your life, where you’re ready for stuff like that,” he said. “I’ve accomplished a lot at a young age and I was ready for that peace. I’m mentally prepared for it. I’ve got so many friends with kids and I see the transformation it does for them.”

According to multiple media sources, the couple is expected to be delivering the new bundle of joy sometime in July. I’m sure that after their time of darkness and pain, this baby will be, and probably already is, the light at the end of the tunnel.



Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez 45th Birthday Celebration

Written by: Barrie Ladipo

In the heart of Atlanta, Suite Food Lounge hosted the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez 45th birthday party and charity event on a warm Thursday evening. The celebration was hosted by the vivacious Drea Kelly and Tony  Harper. Lisa’s younger sister, Reigndrop was there bringing her sisters presence to life with her smiles and warming spirit along side their mother Wanda Lopes. The celebration was filled with performances by AnOne, Ari Rae (Joann Kelly), and Mishon.

They finished off the event with auctioning off bags, accessories and clothing designs by Reigndrop with images honoring her late sister and other iconic stars. Pieces by Andre Harris and many more were also presented for the crowd to bargaining off, with proceeds going to the Lisa left eye lopes foundation.
In the memory of the iconic rapper, watch one of her iconic raps below.

Kontrol Exclusive: The Amours Talk Jazmine Sullivan, Universal Love, and Music

Written by: Kyree Shockley

From being besties with musical powerhouses to opening for sold out shows, The Amours are taking the music industry by storm one sultry note at a time. These “sisters of love”, Jakiya Ayanna (21) and Shaina Aisha (17), are destined for greatness as they win the world over with their plethora of eccentric melodies ranging from R&B to Bluegrass soul.

This dynamic duo started out as a concept from their older sister and mother. Continue reading Kontrol Exclusive: The Amours Talk Jazmine Sullivan, Universal Love, and Music

The Benefits of Water You Didn’t Know

Written by. Chalise Macklin
Toss that soda to the side and grab a bottle of water. There are endless benefits to making water your beverage of choice – like, did you know that water makes up approximately 70% of a human’s body weight. Water possesses tons of hidden gems, some of them may surprise you.
It is highly publicized that water helps the skin, slows the aging process, and corrects digestion issues. But water has so many more benefits such as: fluid balance, calorie and mood control, and eliminating bad breath. The latter may have shocked you. It is not enough to just brush your teeth, floss and use mouth wash. Medical experts say drinking plenty of water helps flush the mouth and clean off the tongue, which reduces the possibility of bad breath.

Continue reading The Benefits of Water You Didn’t Know