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Summer 16 Beauty Essentials

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Summer is finally here and as we all know it’s so hot, especially if you live in the south. The 4th of July is upon us and we are invited to cookouts and pool parties and if you’re like me I want my face beat. That can be difficult with the sweat because we sweat and our makeup starts to melt, that’s not cute. So here are some beauty essentials and tips to help you slay without melting.

First, instead of applying foundation, use BB cream. BB Creams are tinted moisturizers for hydrating and evening out skin tones. It is also more lightweight than foundation, and contains antioxidants, anti-ageing, and sunscreen. It is best to use a BB cream with SPF in it. You can still use BB cream with concealer for highlighting, contouring, and eyeshadow. Yes, you can do a full face with BB cream, allow it to take the place for foundation, so your face won’t feel so heavy.

Second, you need sunscreen. It is so important to use this because it protects you from burning. The higher the SPF the longer it last, so the higher the better. Sunscreen does not last all day so you to reapply especially if you will be around water.

Next is protective hair styles. If you do not wear weave, then these tip will be great for you. To all of my natural sisters some cute protective styles are glamour cornrow braids, a hollow braid, or bantu knots.


Angela Bassett Creates Skin Care Line for Chocolate Girls

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Angela Bassett has a reputation of never aging. The 57-year-old actress never cease to amazing us, not only with her acting chops, but her impeccable beauty and grace. Well now she will be helping accomplish the same elegance and realness she processes. She collaborated with her friend Dr. Barbara Sturm to create a skin care line called, Darker Skin Tones for women of color. The two friends reassured us that they did tedious research and studying for two years to create this line to make sure it was safe and effective. They wanted to concentrate on problems for women whose melanin is popping, but suffer from hyper-pigmentation, inflammation, and uneven tones. They went the natural route and choose natural elements like purslane and skull-cap, to protect the cells from aging. Angela wants her fans to be more educated on skin care and anti-aging routines for maintaining the skin. The product contains a youthful enzyme, that battles with cell death. The prices will range from $58 for a cleanser and $335 for a serum, they are for hydration, reconstruction, and calming. Remember ladies invest in your health. They products will be available in stores and online in July.

Top Summer Sunscreens

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Summer is here which means it’s time for more cookouts, pool parties, and vacations in the sun. We all want that summer glow right? However, we don’t want to bake in the sun too much we’ll start slow roasting. The key to preventing sun burns is sunscreen. Now, some sun tan lotions are known for being too chalky, thick, too oily, or simply does not work. First things first, avoid sunscreens that have SPF15, it’s a joke. Purchase lotions that are SPF 20 and higher to avoid redness and burns. If you want to wear a little bit of makeup at a cookout moisturize you face with a light weight screen that has SPF30 and have a foundation or BB cream that provides SPF15.  Sun protectors come in different formulations as well: cream, serums, or gels. Now, a good sunscreen is an investment, and you must invest in your health. Here are a few recommendations I have for you guys.


This first sunscreen has a more liquid formulation that is light weight. Dr. Jart+ contains cypress water and seaweed extract. The extract from the seaweed is for hydration.


What I love about this next one is that its transparent and is a spray. Coola Sport Mango Sports cream contains SPF 50 so you all you have to worry about is having that summer glow.



Some of may have children that you will take with you on your vacation or lay out by the pool. You have to protect their skin because they will burn very easily. The Honest Mineral Sunscreen has SPF50 and very safe and gentle for the baby.

Miss USA Pageant: More Than Just A Crown

Written by. Chalise Macklin

And the winner is….Miss District of Columbia, Deshauna Barber. Barber was crowned the new Miss USA Sunday night in Las Vegas. 52 contestants battled it out for the coveted crown and title. But Barber slayed the competition with her stage presence and strong interview skills. She made history as the first military member to ever snag the crown.

top 5

miss usa

This year’s pageant seemed on the mend after the pageant endured a bit of controversy last year. Former pageant owner, Donald Trump, made some controversial comments about immigrants that lead to NBC and Univision cutting ties with the businessman and the organization. Following the Trump debacle, the organization experienced another hiccup during the Miss Universe Pageant when host, Steve Harvey, mistakenly announced the wrong winner.

The show made some changes to add a fresh feel and connect with the viewers. It was aired on its new home Fox, the organization added a new contestant, Miss 52 USA, and the fans at home served as the sixth judge. The unofficial theme of the night was “Confidently Beautiful” which all the ladies embodied. And showed the world the pageant is more than a competition.

group pic            Perhaps the most recognizable change to the pageant was the background story of the contestants. It was not only a way for the viewers and judges to get to know the contestants better, it also allowed little girls, teens, and young ladies to see how relatable the women are. The contestants are more than just beautiful women with killer figures. The women are entrepreneurs, athletes, philanthropists, and highly successful and educated women. Some of the ladies’ personal stories really resonated with issues many young girls face today such as: body shaming, anorexia, depression, and defying the odds. Young girls sometimes experience low self-esteem and have a difficult time navigating through their teen years. Those women personal stories can provide inspiration and empower all while wearing high heels.

Barber will start her preparation for the Miss Universe pageant. She said she plans to use her time as the reigning Miss USA to support veteran’s causes and tackle the issue of suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder among military members.



Meditation in All its Glory

By: Lauren Sims

When growing up and trying to figure out which path to take, the pressure of various outside forces can really weigh down on your inner strength. Everyone handles stress and the pressures of life differently, but sometimes the best methods to cope with the darkness fall through the cracks of our daily lives.. Between meetings, class, the job, family, and the dreams and goals you set for yourself, it’s hard to know, or find time to find out how to find balance and maintain peace from within. However, despite all of the elements that create our reality today, there are still ancient practices that can, and do, help people move through life with a bit more control than they feel they have.

Meditation is a spiritual practice that has been passed down through millenia, which involves one to sit in silence and breathe for as much time as one needs, consistently. Meditation has been proven to be the solution to many stress-related disorders and diseases. According to numerous specialists, researchers, and doctors, both mainstream and holistic, have proven that meditation assists in preventing and stopping things like high blood pressure, insomnia (common among college students), irritable bowel syndrome, and even headaches! It important to always strive for wellness over health.

On the journey to achieving wellness, the focus should always be the whole self. When you choose to meditate, you choose to seek and maintain balance in every part of your existence, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Each of these areas affect one another, and meditation is a great way to make each of those elements of your life better. For more information on meditation and welness, visit the following sites:

How to Meditate


Gabby Douglas Working To Make History Again

Written by. Chalise Macklin

Gabby Douglas has already made history and she is working to do it again. In 2012, she beat out the competition and won the Olympic gold medal for all- around champion (gymnastics) during the London Summer Games. She was the first African American female to accomplish this feat.

gab flowers

She also won a gold medal with her team known as the “Fierce Five.” Gabby was only 16 when she won both titles; now for years later she is back in the gym working to set a new record that has never been done.

Fierce-FiveDouglas is training to become the first American to ever to win a back-to-back gymnastics gold medal in the all-around category at the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She is allowing America to embark on her journey as she works toward her goals. Reluctant at first, Gabby agreed to star in a reality show with her family called Douglas Family Gold that chronicles her road back to the top.

gabby familyAfter some time off, Douglas has racked up 6 more medals including another gold medal at the American Cup this year. The reality show focuses on her mom working as her manager, her sisters helping her with her GK leotard brand, and her family supporting her through the ups and downs as she fights to stay an Olympic champion.

The first episode already aired, but you can tune in and follow her journey weekly on Oxygen. Gabby’s journey is sure to be infectious and may inspire other young girls and women to pursue their dreams and work hard to obtain their goals.