Makeup DONTS!

Written by: TaLesha Oliver

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Ladies, we all want a flawless, beat face right. We see, celebs and beauty gurus slaying their faces to the point where it looks so flawless and natural. There are so many rules to makeup as well. Makeup is an art people, and if you don’t have the patience then don’t wear it. If do not want to look crazy you have to take the time out to practice, at least the basics. So hear some makeup DONTS.

  1. YOUR FOUNDATION SHOULD NOT HAVE LINES! Blending, major key. If I’m able to see where you stop blending your foundation, you either do not have the right tools or you didn’t take the time to blend. Blend the foundation down to your neck.
  2. Your foundation should match. Some people faces are lighter or darker than their necks and vice versa. So you want to get a color that is blendable .
  3. Your eyebrows should not be black! I hate when I see people with black eyebrows. Your eyebrow pencil should be dark brown. Stop using your eye liner pencil as your eyebrow pencil. That’s not cute.
  4. Pick a nude lipstick that goes with your skin tone. You do not want to look like you just finished eating powdered sugar donuts. There are so many different shades of nudes: pink nudes, brown nudes, cool tone nudes and more. Also if you want a really nude lip wear a brown lip liner a blend it in.
  5. DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP. That’s nasty! Sleeping in makeup causes your pores to clog and bacteria. Taking your makeup off before you go to sleep is equivalent to brushing your teeth every day.

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