The Amazing World of Terrell Ransom Jr

In order to be awesome, you have to manage to do something amazing. Well, how does landing a lead voice role in a hit Cartoon Network television show and managing your very own YouTube channel sound? Sprinkle in the fact that you haven’t even made it to your teen years yet and I think you have the perfect recipe. 12-year old actor Terrell Ransom Jr holds that spectacular recipe and in his latest interview with Kontrol Girl’s very own TaLesha Oliver, we get to see just how amazing his life really is.

It was the tender age of three when Terrell knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. With his parent’s love and support in tow, the family moved from Houston to Los Angeles all so that Terrell could follow his dreams.

TRJ 5132

Photographer: Birdie Thompson
Stylist: Terrell Ransom Sr.

One of Terrell’s most notable role probably came when he portrayed the character of Theo Carver, an autistic child on the hit daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives”. Every year, Terrell participates in the “Autism Walk” to bring awareness to the disorder.These days, Terrell lends his acting and his voice to the character of Darwin on the hit Cartoon Network show “The Amazing World of Gumball” – a show that revolves around the life of a 12-year-old cat named Gumball Watterson and his frequent shenanigans in the fictional American city of Elmore, accompanied by his adopted goldfish brother/best friend Darwin. Terrell relates to Darwin’s character not only because the character is comedic and caring but also because just like Darwin, Terrell is often the voice of reason.

Terrell receives his education at an independent school program that is a combination of a traditional classroom setting and home schooling. Numerous other actors, musicians and athletes attend the school which makes it more of a family environment instead of a school, which makes the transition a bit smoother because they all have something in common.

As for Terrell’s already bright future, the sky is definitely the limit. He’s already contemplating staying in the industry as an actor and possibly venturing on to becoming a director or producer. Whichever route he decides to take, we will support and cheer him on!




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