Black Girl Magic: Colored Girl Campaign

By: TaLesha Oliver

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When I think of women of color, not only do I think about empowerment, strength and dignity, but I think about how beautiful we are with our different shades of color. As a woman of color when I see look at myself I saw an ethnic, golden, and honey complexion. It was not always easy for me I use to be teased or not liked based on how I looked. I don’t see color, if you are beautiful you are beautiful. As women of color, whether you are black, Latina, middle eastern, African, or whatever, our ethnicity tells a story that should be embraced. I embrace and love that we come in so many different colors, because it represents diversity, beauty, trials, struggle, and victory. Women of color have knocked down so many barriers from Rosa Parks in Montgomery to Gloria Estefan being the first Latin American to perform at the Super Bowl Half-time show. Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth came together and created The Colored Girl Campaign.


The purpose of the Colored Girl Campaign is to shine a light on the beauty and details of brown girls. The media has a “standard of beauty” when it comes to women of color and our unique features. They handpicked each model for this campaign of all ethnicities but all had different facial structures, hair textures, and skin tones. The models were dresses in neutrals to showcase being comfortable in their own skin. Which this campaign it was another dose of Black Girl Magic. To me, Black Girl Magic is when women of color create positivity and empowerment. I believe with this campaign; all women of color are given more confidence than ever before.


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