Top Summer Sunscreens

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Summer is here which means it’s time for more cookouts, pool parties, and vacations in the sun. We all want that summer glow right? However, we don’t want to bake in the sun too much we’ll start slow roasting. The key to preventing sun burns is sunscreen. Now, some sun tan lotions are known for being too chalky, thick, too oily, or simply does not work. First things first, avoid sunscreens that have SPF15, it’s a joke. Purchase lotions that are SPF 20 and higher to avoid redness and burns. If you want to wear a little bit of makeup at a cookout moisturize you face with a light weight screen that has SPF30 and have a foundation or BB cream that provides SPF15.  Sun protectors come in different formulations as well: cream, serums, or gels. Now, a good sunscreen is an investment, and you must invest in your health. Here are a few recommendations I have for you guys.


This first sunscreen has a more liquid formulation that is light weight. Dr. Jart+ contains cypress water and seaweed extract. The extract from the seaweed is for hydration.


What I love about this next one is that its transparent and is a spray. Coola Sport Mango Sports cream contains SPF 50 so you all you have to worry about is having that summer glow.



Some of may have children that you will take with you on your vacation or lay out by the pool. You have to protect their skin because they will burn very easily. The Honest Mineral Sunscreen has SPF50 and very safe and gentle for the baby.


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