Jourdan Dunn Motivating Young Women On And Off the Runway


Written by. Chalise Macklin

This is not the time to doubt yourself or feel you can’t achieve your dreams. There are several movements happening to boost girls, teens, and young women’s self-esteem and focuses on what makes them great. From #blackgirlmagic, #alllivesmatter, and now #ActuallySheCan; there are plenty of motivational outlets to tap into for inspiration.

Women’s health company, Allegran, launched #ActuallySheCan campaign to encourage female empowerment through inspiration and help young women to reach their professional, personal, and societal goals.

ASC ASC1The company says, “This is a movement for those who aren’t afraid to toss out what they don’t want to make room for what they do. Because we believe focusing on the positive things in your life means less drama, more karma.”

The outlet is designed to educate, celebrate and support young ladies as they strive to reach their full potential. The platform also continues Allegran’s commitment to donating to charities that focus on women’s causes. Supermodel, Jourdan Dunn, has partnered with the organization as the face and ambassador. Dunn indicated she is all about supporting and inspiring other women.

Jourdan DunnLea Michele is also supporting the campaign and is promoting bringing back sisterhood and strength.

Lea Michelle

#ActuallySheCan partnered with LeMotto to create limited edition tank tops with inspirational phrases such as: “Less Hesitation, More Meditation,” and “Less Drama, More Karma.” The platform also has contests and events.

Whether it’s by sporting an inspirational t-shirt, or receiving motivation from a celebrity, young women have the opportunity to be encourage to defy odds, challenge convention, and inspire their generation.




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