WCW: Marjorie Harvey’s Summer Fashion Secrets

By: TaLesha Oliver

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I am such a huge fan of Marjorie Harvey. If you do not know who Marjorie Harvey is then you need to get your life. She is the beautiful wife of the legendary comedian, television and radio host Steve Harvey. However, she is more than just a loving wife and mother, she runs a fashion blog called “The Lady Loves Couture” that features beauty and style and is a mentor for young girls. This 51-year-old, yes honey 51-year-old, is a fashionista in her own right. She is on top of the hottest trends of the year and is guaranteed to slay every time. What I love the most about Mrs. Harvey is that she’s not afraid to take risks she’s able to take something abstract and flip it into something we all want in our closets. She has three favorite summer trends that will give your summer wardrobe an extra boost.


Her first summer favorite is the off-the-shoulder trend. Showing off some shoulders and collar bone can actually be sexy. Whether it’s a dress, top, romper, or jumper this trend never goes out of style.


Her next favorite and my personal favorite is the denim on denim trend. I love a cute and simple denim on denim outfit. Believe it or not there are so many ways you can make this look stand out. Using pops of color and prints will help this look really stand out.


If you follow Mrs. Harvey on Instagram, you know that she loves lace. Now someone people want to stay away from lace, because they think its old fashion, well really fashionistas do not discriminate. Lace can be given a modern twist or it can be a cute swimsuit cover up.



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