Send Him Nudes

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Nudes and flesh tones are trending right now. Everything from nude under garments, nude lipsticks and shoes. Nudes are easy hues to wear because it’s an easy way to wear nothing at all. Wearing a nude dress, blouse, pants, or skirt appears to be more polished and chic and goes with a lot of different things. Nude is the new black.  Flesh tones have been inspiration for some of the top fashion designers, Balmain, Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, and Alexander McQueen. The key to wearing flesh tones is to keep the colors one shade lighter or darker than your skin tone. There are also many shades of nude, like beige nude, pink nude, olive green is considered as well, golden nude, and many more. It gives your look simplicity and elegance. Sometimes we find ourselves not being able to find something to wear, for me nude is the go to. Find a shade that compliments you and your personality, and accessorize it with statement pieces of different things like big hoop or dangling earrings, cuff bracelet, a high waist belt, a necklace or clutch. When wearing nudes, you want to make yourself stand out with the accessories you wear. Also nude shoes can literally be worn with anything! You can pair them with jeans and a cute top or a nice bodycon dress. Remember, nude is the new black. I hope my tips and trend report helped you guys and remember if he asks for nudes send it to him.



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