Meditation in All its Glory

By: Lauren Sims

When growing up and trying to figure out which path to take, the pressure of various outside forces can really weigh down on your inner strength. Everyone handles stress and the pressures of life differently, but sometimes the best methods to cope with the darkness fall through the cracks of our daily lives.. Between meetings, class, the job, family, and the dreams and goals you set for yourself, it’s hard to know, or find time to find out how to find balance and maintain peace from within. However, despite all of the elements that create our reality today, there are still ancient practices that can, and do, help people move through life with a bit more control than they feel they have.

Meditation is a spiritual practice that has been passed down through millenia, which involves one to sit in silence and breathe for as much time as one needs, consistently. Meditation has been proven to be the solution to many stress-related disorders and diseases. According to numerous specialists, researchers, and doctors, both mainstream and holistic, have proven that meditation assists in preventing and stopping things like high blood pressure, insomnia (common among college students), irritable bowel syndrome, and even headaches! It important to always strive for wellness over health.

On the journey to achieving wellness, the focus should always be the whole self. When you choose to meditate, you choose to seek and maintain balance in every part of your existence, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Each of these areas affect one another, and meditation is a great way to make each of those elements of your life better. For more information on meditation and welness, visit the following sites:

How to Meditate



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