Recap: Game of Thrones

By: Lauren Sims

If you didn’t catch the new episode of Game of Thrones the other night then you missed some interesting information in the fight for the Seven Kingdoms. Let’s start with Aria Stark, in her final chance to serve the Many Faced God she fell short and reverted right back to her old self. Yes everyone, she is back to being “someone”. However, there’s no telling what lies in her future with her teacher and his partner finding out about her failure to become “no one”.

Last week , one of the saddest deaths in Game of Thrones history took place, when Hodor died. Brand got away with the help of Meera Reed and just when everything looked like it was heading toward the end, Benjen Stark, the white walker, saved them from the last bit of white walkers that were chasing them. Nobody is sure of whether Bran will be ready for the upcoming war between man and the white walkers, or if there will be another war between man and the white walkers, but just like everyone else, they are on a journey home now.

Khaleesi on the other hand, has found her black dragon and is leading the Dorthraki through the mountains, and is in search of atleast 1,000 ships. Margery Tyrell and Tommen Baratheon Lannister have joined forces with the faith! Meaning they’ve let no control for Margery’s family or Cersei and Jaime Lannister. However, there’s no telling if either of them are honest allies or if they’re just trying to get closer to the High Sparrow to take him down. I guess we’ll find out Sunday night!


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