Adele concert

Adele Calls Out Fan For Filming During Concert

Written By: AbsolutViolette

What’s your take on filming a concert performance? Apparently if it’s with your cell-phone, no one really cares. However don’t think to break out your tripod and set up shop – cause you just might get called out.


This was the case at Adele’s concert in Verona, Italy on May 29 when she literally paused the show to call somebody in the audience out. “This is not a DVD” she expressed, adding “I’m really here in real life.” (Watch below) I’m curious to know how the individual even sneaked the tripod into the arena.

Having attended live sporting events in Canada and the US, security measures have really increased in recent years to enhance public safety. The NFL has implemented a policy stating you can’t even bring in a diaper bag, camera case or tote bags.Your belongings need to fit in clear plastic bags 12″ x 6″ x 12, or a one-gallon clear plastic freezer (Ziploc) bag. Small clutch bags are also acceptable.

adele concert

In the case of the tripod, I don’t think the individual meant any harm but Adele claimed out of respect to the many who couldn’t get their hands on the tickets, the very least one should do is enjoy the show you paid for.

adele concert 2

Adele is currently in the midst of her third concert tour “Adele Live 2016” in support of her third studio album “25”. Beginning in Ireland in February this year, the tour will continue until November, ending in Mexico City.

Adele concert 25 album

For those who do want to see Adele on video, take a look at her newly released music video for the song “Send My Love” below.

What are your thoughts on filming concerts?


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