It’s A Crime Not to Prime

By: TaLesha Oliver

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We all want a flawless beat face right? That’s cool and all, but we have to take care of skin we have to live with every day. Well, before applying your foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick or mascara it is important to prime. You wouldn’t paint a wall before applying a primer right? Okay, so PRIME YOUR FACE. A primer is like a barrier placed between your skin and your makeup to fill in and make big pores disappear, protect your face from the environment, and helps your makeup apply more smoothly and give its enhancement. Primer is not a moisturizer, although some primers have moisturizer in them. So, if you have very dry skin, like myself, you want to moisturize your face first them apply the primer. If you have oily skin, you want a matte primer for your face. There are also eyeshadow primers. These primers ensure that your eyeshadow will last all day and help the pigment in the eyeshadow pop more. Here is what will happen if you do no primer your face. The makeup applied will clog your pores and cause blackheads and acne. Your makeup might slide, yes makeup does move people. Your eyeshadow will not last all day, sometimes our eyelids can get really oily and throughout the day the eyeshadow will crease up. Quick tip: Once you apply the eyeshadow primer set it with a bone colored eyeshadow. If you do not have a primer for your eyeshadow you can also use concealer, but don’t forget to set it with an eyeshadow. I hope these tips and tricks help you with your makeup journey! XOXO


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