Baby Alert! Wale and Chloe Jourdan are Having a Girl!

By: Lauren Sims

Talk about Baby Fever! It’s always a joy and a blessing to know that new life is coming into the world, and making families whole. This week Wale’s girlfriend’s sister posted pictures of the mommy-to-be on Instagram, complimenting how awesome her sister looked and how gracefully she’s handled her pregnancy. Earlier this year, Wale confessed a few issues that he’s been dealing with in life a career such as his battle with depression, substance abuse, and the tragic loss of the couple’s first child. He sat with MTV News and explained the pace he was in when they experienced that tragic loss saying, “You get to a level, to a place in your life, where you’re ready for stuff like that,” he said. “I’ve accomplished a lot at a young age and I was ready for that peace. I’m mentally prepared for it. I’ve got so many friends with kids and I see the transformation it does for them.”

According to multiple media sources, the couple is expected to be delivering the new bundle of joy sometime in July. I’m sure that after their time of darkness and pain, this baby will be, and probably already is, the light at the end of the tunnel.




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