Angela Simmons is Expecting a Baby!

By Jaime Lynne

We’re sending a huge congratulatory message to Angela Simmons as she is expecting her first child. For weeks rumors have been circulating about Angela’s possible bun in the oven,  but now the news has officially been confirmed.

The 28-year old multitalented fashionista was spotted walking with her fiancé , Sutton Sean Tennyson, sporting a new addition; a baby bump!

Simmons later took to her personal Instagram account to announce the pregnancy publicly. Although many fans assumed this news weeks ago, she finally put an end to all of the speculation.


Social media was hot on Angela’s trail analyzing her every move to try and discover the bump first. Every post including her frequent work out videos to her busy work life were scrutinized by the blogs and fans alike in order to bring truth to all of the rumors.

She recently got engaged to longtime boyfriend Tennyson sending the internet into a frenzy as well. The couple kept their relationship  so private that  it took several days for fans to even figure out who was Angela’s mystery guy.

Although fans seemed to know for sure, Angela constantly shut down the pregnancy so it’s no surprise that the announcement didn’t come until she was ready. Just as her older sister Vanessa and younger brother Jo-Jo, Angela is now the third member of the Simmons family to be expecting a child.

Keep scrolling to read Angela’s heartfelt message!

ang 2


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