Hidden Colors 4 Everyone

By: Lauren Sims

Hidden Colors 4 hits theaters TODAY! If you haven’t seen the first, second and third Hidden Colors then you certainly have some catching up to do. Hidden Colors is a documentary series produced by Tariq Nasheed, comprised of the information and history of people of color and other cultures around the world. For years, the documentaries have been stirring up the realities and the minds of minorities everywhere, due to its exposure of the historical truths that aren’t taught in schools anywhere. Historians and scholars such as Dr. Umar, Phil Valentine, and Francis Cress Welsing were cast in the previous documentaries, but in this latest release, Nasheed will introduce fresh faces.

People from some of the more popular news stories of 2015 and 2016 will be featured in the film such as Eric Sheppard, who was arrested for bringing a gun to Valdosta State University’s campus after being harassed by white supremacists for walking on the U.S. flag, and later being ignored by the police when he reported the harassment. This year the topic is “The Religion of White Supremacy” which seems to be a compilation of the continued conversation of the untold history of people of color and the interactions between black people and the culture of white supremacy. My life was changed after seeing the first three documentaries. If you haven’t already seen the other documentaries set aside some time to do so, you’ll learn so much, but until then go purchase a ticket and go see the premier of the Hidden Colors 4 today in a theater near you!

For Movie Times and Locations, click the link below



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