KeKe Plamer Takes a Stand On Beauty Shaming

Written by, Angel White
In today’s society where physical beauty has become so artificial, it’s safe to say that next generations might forget what we, as women naturally look like. With fake butts, stomachs, breasts, hair, nails, lashes and more becoming the norm for regular everyday Americans, the scale of beauty has been seriously altered. Thankfully, Keke Palmer has not been sucked into those trends nor is she apologetic for displaying how God made her. 
The 22-year old superstar posted a “au natural” selfie to SnapChat displaying her tan line(s) and allowed cameras to capture her getting dolled up before the Billboard Music Awards thinking nothing of it. After someone took a screenshot the picture the bashing began. They criticized everything from how her face looked, down to her pedicure. The comments said she’d “fallen off,” and that she was “washed up”.Someone even went as far to say, she was, “Old and on Drugs” and continued to call the beautiful triple “Disgusting!”. 
The 22-year-old was made aware of all the negativity and  decided to address it with a very mature, and very real message, telling her fans that she was unaffected by the trolls. She went on to say, “Keke is fine because Keke knows who she is. Keke doesn’t care to conform to what people thinks she should be…When I see people being mean, I know it’s them and not me. I focus on who loves me, not who hates me duh that’s why I’m so happy all the time, I choose it.”
Although everyone is entitled to their opinions and choices as it pertains to beauty, it’s important not to try to enforce those thoughts or opinions on anyone else. We were all created completely different from each other and we’re not meant to look the same. While it’s ok to make changes as you get older, and use beauty enhancements, i’ts important that you don’t allow those things to define what beauty is. 
Kudos to Keke for not only knowing who she is and holding her ground but also for not being afraid to display her authentic self.



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