He Said What? What Really Happened with Tamar Being Fired

By: Lauren Sims

If you’re not drenched in all of the tea Tamar Braxton’s former assistant and good friend, Him-Kardashian was spilling all over Twitter last night, allow me to pour you a glass. As we all know, Tamar Braxton has been fired from The Real, BUT according to Him K the statement that the network released was a quick cover-up. Him-Kardashian was spilling major details regarding the scheduling of the last episode the youngest Braxton was on, and the overall chronology of how the information was “leaked” and “emailed” to the cast and the public. From the information gathered from Him K, it seems like the network constantly short-handed Tamar Braxton and tried to clean-sweep her straight out of the door and under the Welcome mat.

Mr. Him-Kardashian stated, “Nobody knew Tamar wasn’t coming back for season three. We Just did a photo shoot for season three…So the notion that Tamar or anyone OVER HERE knew before this weekend is a lie.”

The actress and model, delved deep into the details of Tamar Braxton’s treatment asking “Was she a dive before or after she was THE ONLY host that drove herself to work while everyone else demanded car service….And missing shows? The lady almost died and y’all showed up at the hospital talking about ‘take your time.’ She just returned to set with tubs still in her chest draining her from surgery.” I’m sure it’s a surprise to us all that Tamar was fired without a “proper send off” and an acceptable amount of time to digest the change. Although, a press release was provided stating that the decision was mutual between the network and Tamar, Him-Kardashian’s tea-filled rant on Twitter definitely exposes a different truth, one that seems to make a little bit more sense. As time goes on, I guess we’ll see who’s telling the truth, but in the meantime we’re wishing the absolute best for the animated and REAL Tamar Braxton.


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