Top 3 Designers for Curvy Women

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Finding plus-size designers for curvy, bold, and confident women can be frustrating. Some retail stores have recently added plus-size sections, but sometimes the styles aren’t as trendy, which in my opinion is unfair, because we want to look good and feel sexy. I created a list of a few designers and boutiques to help my curvy ladies out there with this dilemma.


Monif C


Monif C, offers plus size clothing for the contemporary, confident, curvaceous woman. What I love about Monif C is that she uses bold textures and colors with her fabric. Although I am not a plus size woman it bothers me when I go to the plus-size department they have a lot of dark colors. Monif C uses bold colors while flattering the shape of a curvy woman.



MissGuided is an international modern online boutique that has a wide variety of pieces. What a lot of people don’t know is that they cater to plus size women. Their sizes range from 10-20. Their pieces are so simple and sophisticated that it’s easy to style with bold accessories. They’re multifunctional – you can wear them to work then happy hour once you get off!

Forever 21


I’m sure we all love Forever 21 – what girl has not shopped at Forever 21. They have a lot of cute items for curvy women. I like Forever 21’s plus-size line because they have the same items for small women, but it’s tastefully designed for plus size women to compliment their shape. They use a lot of prints for some of their designs, which give curvy women the confidence to step outside of their comfort zone.


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