Ciara Loses in Custody Battle

Written by, TheFreckledMuse/Angel White

It’s always heartbreaking when we have to watch our favorite celebrities feud especially when children are involved. But like many situations after the breakup, sometimes, one party is bitter and things can get ugly.  For the past year and some change we’ve watched as rapper Future, and grammy award winning singer, Ciara go through a legal battle over their son. This Monday was a defining moment in their drawn-out custody battle.

172038876_future-ciara-zoom-69eabb7d-511f-4943-bc63-e144294d9372While Ciara has been hard at work with fashion endorsements and even an engagement to NFL star Russell Wilson, the situation with her son’s father couldn’t be more negative. After months of the rapper speaking openly against her, Ciara  filed a $15 million defamation  suit against him earlier this year.  But that was just the beginning.



It was announced that the singer took a huge loss in custody court this past Monday. Her request for sole custody was denied and Future was awarded joint custody. While many can speculate over the cause and effect of what’s going on here the truth is that we (the public) never know  all the facts involved. All we can do is wish them all well and hope that what is best for baby Future is what’s being done. In the end, it’s not about seeking revenge or who hurt who, it’s about coming together to co-parent as best as possible. We wish them all well.



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