Remember When We…

By: Lauren Sims

Does anybody remember how important it was to go to the skating rink on the weekends? I do! Growing up in Atlanta the skating rink was like the middle school love connection, swap meet, and nightclub. Before technology took over our lives, finding things to do was a matter of sheer imagination and ingenuity. Luckily, I grew up during the transition of the analog and digital age, where the best of both worlds was ever-present and the young and the fun-seeking had a balance between imaginative interaction and technological exploration.

I’m not trying to sound like an old fogy stuck in the past reminiscing on the good ole days , but there were some pretty awesome things to do then that we shouldn’t let die in this new digital age.

  1. Going to the Skating Rink:


Okay. So I know some of you may be saying, “ATL totally kept the skating rinks alive, and if that didn’t Beyonce surely did!” but really think about the last time you went with a big group of friends and rolled around all night singing your face off. Aside from falling flat on your behind and watching your friends do the same, skating is awesomely entertaining and a great workout for the legs and lower abs.

2.Going to the Movies at the Drive-In: drive inThis one’s a little dated, I know, but c’mon you know this would be fun! There are significantly fewer drive-in movie theaters nowadays, they’re more like attractions than they are regular hot spots. This would be a great date to go on, or even an awesome slumber party idea if you and your friends were brave enough to camp out in your cars!

3.Going to the Park…For Fun: PiedmontPark.jpgHave you ever been to the park on a sunny day for anything other than a festival, concert, or date? If the answer is no, then you totally should! I don’t know about anyone else, but “people watching” happens to be one of my favorite pastimes, and watching people do their thing in the park is interesting. I’ve even caught random groups of people with instruments having impromptu jam sessions!

4.Building Forts:


The determination and teamwork that it takes to build a fort successfully are two things I will never forget from my childhood. Of course, my friends and I built a fort our senior year of college, but we didn’t tell anybody outside of those walls. I’m not sure if other friends are hiding their secret love of homemade forts as well, but I don’t hear much about people building forts anymore, and I definitely don’t see them in the timelines of any social media. Forts are fun to build and incredibly therapeutic to hangout in! It’s hard to be stressed or upset under massive amounts of elevated blankets!

All in all it’s important for us to keep this old school fun alive! Not only for ourselves, but for the newer generations to come. I’d hate for the youngins of tomorrow to miss out on the joys of today.


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