Bikini Trends 2016

By Talesha Oliver

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Screen-shot-2014-03-26-at-12.39.22-PM (1)

As it gets hotter and hotter, especially here in the south, we are always reminded that there will be pool parties, cookouts, and vacations on the beach. In other words, it’s bikini season! This is the only time of the year that we can wear less while keeping it cute and classy. When some people see the word “bikini”, the first thing that comes to their mind is an image of a two-piece thong bikini. NO! There are so many different styles and trends for every different body type!

First, let’s start with the Baywatch bikini. I love this style – I personally can’t wear it, but it’s cute on other people. If you are slim, tall or both and want to accentuate your hips this is the style for you.


Next is the bikini top, with high waist bottoms. This is something I would definitely wear. I have hips that come with stretch marks that make me self-conscious, so I need something that will hide certain imperfections, but is still sexy.


The one-piece. I love one-piece swimsuits because, there are so many styles. Some of the styles offered are multi-way, halter, sweetheart neckline, fringe, lace and more. If you’re not exactly summertime fine, a one piece bikini can hide a lot of flaws.


The cover up. I have a love for swimsuit cover ups. These styles include two of my favorite styles; kimono and mesh.I would wear all of these styles, because I would feel comfortable wearing a really cute cover up.



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