Monique Nelms A Daily Diva

Becoming A #Girlboss – Lessons from A Daily Diva

Written By: AbsolutViolette

Monique Nelms is the “Girl Boss” behind her own online consignment store, A Daily Diva. Nelms is not just a boss, but a mommy and a wife and lives up to the term #girlboss by not only owning her company but owning who she is and what she does as a woman; per her own #girlboss definition – “standing out, by owning life”.

monique nelms a daily diva

A graduate of Howard University, Nelms believes her education helped her in business by gaining life skills, customer service skills, and most importantly how to make quality connections. Howard is known for its large network of alumni, which is certainly beneficial as a business owner. For fellow girl bosses and entrepreneurs who may not have attended Howard University, Nelms says the most important trait to possess is confidence, in yourself and your brand – because essentially, you are your brand.

monique nelms a daily diva

When it comes to styling, Nelms prefers to keep it simple with her outfitting; prioritizing comfort and functionality. She expresses her individual style through accessories like statement necklaces.  For others, she advises to not go overboard by over accessorizing with too many bold pieces. She went on to say, “your outfit and your accessories should balance each other out and not compete with one another”. As for the best accessory, Nelms says it’s your smile. “It makes you more approachable, something you definitely want as a girl boss in the making.”

For the rest of this of this interview and more on revealing Nelms personal shopping process, landing her first celebrity client and the advice she gives to those wanting to become personal stylist/shoppers; keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming print issue of Kontrol Girl Magazine.

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