Tinder Date Gone Wrong

Tinder Date Gone Wrong?

Written By: AbsolutViolette

A 20-year-old sorority girl from the University of Kansas was allegedly kidnapped and beaten by a man, Shane Steven Allen, whom she met on Tinder in April of this year. Prior to the incident, she had been on a successful date and apparently felt safe enough to go to the man’s trailer where the beating allegedly occurred. Allen, who has yet to enter a plea, faces five felony charges and could be incarcerated up to 32 years if convicted.

Tinder date gone wrong Shane Steven Allen
Shane Steven Allen

With dating apps surfacing daily, ladies, please use extreme caution when going on dates with unknown men. The old school version of online and app dating could be considered blind-dates, due to the fact that in both scenarios you don’t really know the guy you’re going on a date with. I would even prefer a blind-date because usually the guy’s been vetted by someone you know, who probably also suggested the date.

Soul Swipe - The Black Tinder
Soul Swipe – The Black Tinder

I know millennials will argue that “you’ve seen the guys face” or “talked to him for weeks on end”, in regards to app-dating, and to that I say one word: Catfish. You still don’t know who you’re meeting up with, which is why extreme caution should be exercised.

Tinder date gone wrong?

A bar in the UK has implemented a measure I think a lot more establishments should try – and that is helping girls out of their bad Tinder date(s). They have a framed sign in the girls bathroom titled “Tinder Date Gone Wrong?”. The sign goes on instructing you to ask for “Rachelle” or “Jennifer” at the bar if you feel uncomfortable, and they’ll discretely get you out of your date and into a taxi. Brilliant!!

I get that it can be a lonely world, especially during “cuffing season”, however loneliness isn’t worth your life. So next time, before you swipe right, listen to your gut, and be careful out there in the dating world.


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