Recap: Shots Fired in the Lyons Den

By: Lauren Sims

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Fox hit television series Empire then you’re surely missing out on some juicy drama. The Lyon family is definitely keeping viewers on their toes every second of every episode, especially with tensions brewing between Lucious Lyon and his sons; with the focus being on Jamal.

The father and son have always had trouble seeing eye to eye, especially considering Lucious’ harsh sensitivity to Jamal’s homosexual lifestyle. The two shared an intense scene in this week’s episode, after Jamal and a famous down-low producer shared an intimate moment and almost got caught by Lucious. Afterwards, Luscious addressed Jamal’s relationship status and immaturity, claiming that Jamal was a “bottom” and that he was being played by the closeted producer. Lucious took things to a whole new level when he ended the scene telling Jamal that he has been “a continuous disappointment” and that “when he dies from AIDS [he’s] gonna celebrate,” leaving a heartbroken Jamal speechless.

Later, the family showed up to the American Sound Awards looking like the royal music family that they are, with other artists signed to their label including Frieda. Things took a huge turn for the worst at the end of this episode when a drunk Carroll, tried to use Frieda to get into the event and after a thoughtful and sincere rejection, revealed her father’s murderer. After a montage of scenes between Frieda, Lucious, and her father the young rapper snatched the gun of an on duty officer and hit him in the face with it. In an attempt to shoot Lucious in a blind rage, she actually winds up shooting Jamal. Ambulances rush him to the ER, and after going into a seizure, the middle Lyon was rushed into surgery.

I can’t wait to see what happens next! Check back next week for a recap on the Empire finale.


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