How A Positive Attitude Can Lead To Second Chance

By: Chalise Macklin

A positive attitude can be contagious and can change the outcome of almost any situation. Adopting a positive attitude leads to happiness and success, and has the potential to change your entire life. 

Chasing Destiny, Episode 101 (Photo: BET)
Chasing Destiny, Episode 101 (Photo: BET)

Skye Issac, a contestant on Chasing Destiny, is a great example of how staying positive can be beneficial. On last night’s episode of the girl-group singing competition, Skye was facing elimination. The show’s hosts, Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson, decided to send her home – but her show of gratitude and well wishes caused the duo to change their mind and keep her around as a potential group member.


Often times, people who don’t think and speak positively end up with negative outcomes. If Skye had accepted defeat or given up or lost sight of the ultimate goal in that moment, she would have missed out on the opportunity to live out her dreams. Instead, she filled the room with appreciation and adoration that was infectious.  

Disappointments, letdowns and rejection, can taint a person’s outlook on life. Research shows that positive thinking can aid in stress management and affects your overall health and well-being. It allows one to approach life’s challenges with optimism like Skye did.

If you have been displaying a negative attitude and preparing for letdowns and disappointments, it is now time to change the way you think. Today is the day to start thinking more optimistically and begin leading a happier, more successful life. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth testing out and developing.

chasing destiny

Tune in next Wednesday to Chasing Destiny on BET to see if Skye is one of the girls chosen to be a part of Kelly’s new girl group.



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