Aaliyah MAC

#AaliyahForMAC – Help Bring About Change!

Written By: AbsolutViolette

As you may have heard, MAC is coming out with a new limited edition collection in honor of the late Latin songstress, Selena. It’s been over a year since the makeup brand announced that the collection was in the works, but now that we’ve gotten a glimpse of the product line some fans have started a petition that Aaliyah should have her own collection too. The petition which started about a year ago is quickly gaining ground as the release of the Selena Collection approaches.

Selena Mac Como La Flor

Aaliyah who rose to fame in the ’90’s, releasing three consecutive hit albums, had a great influence and was definitely a rising star at the time of her untimely death in 2001. Her fans want to make sure that her legacy lives on and the “AaliyahForMAC” campaign, to date, has amassed over 15,000 supporters on change.org, over 2200 followers on Twitter, and over 12,000 on Instagram.


The girl who started it all, Jennifer Risinger, has managed to get Aaliyah’s family on board as well supporting the petition, particularly her brother Rashad Haughton who says that Aaliyah was a fan of MAC cosmetics.


Once the petition reaches its goal of 25,000 supporters on change.org I find it unlikely that MAC will ignore the apparent demand. But to help convince MAC, who have previously released limited edition collections with among others Marilyn Monroe and Rihanna (RiRi Loves MAC), you too should sign the petition, and keep the #AailyahForMAC hashtag going.


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