How to Groom Your Eyebrows

By; TaLesha Oliver

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We all want those thick, perfect brows right? Some people are not fortunate enough to have those exotic eyebrows, but if you find your shape, you can use makeup to create those brows you have always wanted. First, visualize your shape. Everyone has a shape to their eyebrows. Here is how you determine that, the front of your eyebrows are equivalent to the bridge of your nose. Give yourself a guideline so you will not pluck away too much. Find your arch by taking a pencil and placing it vertically on the tip of your nose. Then turn it clockwise to the left for the left eyebrow or counter-clockwise for the right brow. The highest point in the center of your eyebrow is the arch. The tail of the brow follows the angle of the eye. Draw your desired eyebrow shape at the base of the brow, take a spoolie and brush your eyebrow hair in the direction in which they grow.  Then you tweeze or arch the unwanted hairs. Make sure while tweezing your eyebrows you pluck them in the direction in which they grow, it will be less painful. Once you have your eyebrows at your desired shape, look for the gaps and fill them in. Some mediums to filling in eyebrows are powders, pencils, and gel. When using these do not create harsh lines, only small strokes for a natural and groomed look. Do not stroke in the front of the brow, because you don’t want it too look like a box. Once you have brow eyebrows done make sure they are symmetrical and not touching one another. Lastly set your eyebrows with a brow gel. Remember eyebrows are sisters not twins.


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