Skin Care: Major Key

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Skin care

Ladies, we need to have a serious conversation that is often ignored: Skincare! I want to make sure that my girls are taking care of their skin, so when you want your face beat for the gods, your makeup will apply flawlessly. The only way your makeup will apply perfectly is if you have a good skincare routine. NEVER SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP. Sleeping in makeup is a huge mistake, it causes bacteria, clogging of the pores, blackheads, and breakouts. Always remove your makeup with a gentle soup and water or makeup remover wipes. I wash, cleanse, and exfoliate my skin (toning is optional depends on the condition of your skin). There are different ways to cleaning your skin: a spa brush, cleaning, and drinking water. A spa brush is a tool used for deep cleaning your skin. It removes dirt we can’t see and it also removes dead skin. Dead skin can also lead to acne. It is very important that you clean your skin everyday with warm water and a clean face towel. A brand that I love is Murad. Murad is the G.O.A.T. They have different lines for different skin types like, oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin. They have an acne spot treatment that I love when I get little zits. This is where exfoliating comes in.  I love exfoliating, especially with products that have natural ingredients and that are non-scented, because I have sensitive skin. However, I highly recommend using a brand that is not too harsh on the skin. I recommend exfoliating at least twice a week or when you remove your makeup. Exfoliating is a routine to avoid that little zits, especially if that time of the month is approaching. My next tip is simply drinking water. Drinking water is not only good for the skin, but for your health. Caffeine and bad eating habits can be harmful. What drinking water is detoxes your body and helps your skin. Oh! Before I leave, as the summer approaches and the sun gets closer and closer to the Earth, because that is how it feels, sunscreen is important. Yes, people of color need sunscreen, so our melanin can be on fleek. We do have a natural sunscreen in our bodies – thank God, but we still want to be cautious. I recommend using a protector with SPF 30 or higher. I hope my tips and advice helped you guys as it gets hotter and you all have a blessed and healthy summer.



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