Lil Mama releases her cover of Drake’s Summer 16

Written by, The Freckled Muse/ Angel White


Lil Mama is playing no games and  taking no days off releasing her version of Drake’s  “Summer Sixteen,”  the same exact day as his highly anticipated, Views album.  As always with Lil Mama the dancing, wardrobe and visuals were on point throughout the video but what few ever acknowledge is her lyrical ability. Delivering bar after bar addressing critics, fake friends and more she had a lot to say. Take a look and listen:


Over the years,  Lil Mama , hasn’t been able to catch a break after a few embarrassing moments made critics not take her seriously.  Although many years have passed since the incidents occurred, unfortunately for her with the popularity of social media memes, she’s been forced to relive those moments. While everyone enjoys a good laugh especially at someone else’s expense, the truth is that Lil Mama’s talent and abilities have been overshadowed by these negative moments in her life. But luckily she is not only seemingly unfazed, she is also very talented and extremely resilient. While many artists would’ve cracked under the pressure, the negativity seems to have the opposite effect on Lil mama.  The 26-year old Harlem native continues to display her talent for the world back to back.

First in February with the release of  her video, “Memes” where she confronts head on being a target of the new social media trend.

Next she remixed  Rihanna and Drake’s “Work”

Then Desiigner’s “Panda,”


” I ain’t got time for no suggestions when my dreams is manifesting how ima count yal haters when I’m busy counting my blessings..”

Take a moment to forget the jokes and negativity and really examine her as an artist because lyrically she is talented.  And although people criticize her imagery and concepts that mimic artist before her, I believe that is her way of paying homage and sharing with newer generations but people misinterpret that. As she stated in the famous breakfast club interview that started the never dying meme, “My music will speak for itself, my actions will speak for itself…”

And that is what she is doing.



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