How to Determine Foundations for Chocolate Girls

By: TaLesha Oliver

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Cover FX

As a makeup artist and woman of color, it is so hard finding foundations to match my skin tone and I have more of a honey golden complexion, so I know it has to be more difficult for my chocolate sisters to find a foundation that compliments their skin. Whether you are African, African-American or Middle Eastern, we all understand the struggle. Some drugstore brands do no cater to deeper skin tones or some high end brands have the color but it is limited edition and it still does not match. The key to knowing your foundation color is knowing your undertone: warm, neutral, and cool. If you have more red, orange, yellow and golden undertones you are considered warm. If have blue, purple, or pink you are considered cool, and if you are not sure and have mixed of both warm and cool you are neutral. If you have no clue how to determine your undertone here’s a tip. Look at the veins in your arm. If your veins have a blue tint you more than likely are cool toned. If your vein is green you are warm toned. If your vein is blue/green almost like the color teal, then you are a neutral tone. This is not a rule of thumb it is just to give you ladies and gents out there a generalization and it helps a lot. There are a few brands that I recommend you can use other than MAC, but these brands are my personal favorite. You can pick up these brands at . Check out NARS, Makeup Forever and my personal favorite Cover FX. Check out the example above from Cover FX.





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