Little Big Shots: The Talent of the Future

By: Lauren Sims

If you haven’t already seen the NBC hit television show Little Big Shots, then don’t worry I’m here to fill you in on the incredible sensations that come to the Little Big Shots stage. The show is hosted by the one and only Steve Harvey and is a show for young talent to showcase their special tricks and abilities. In comparison to other television shows featuring the charming and hilarious personalities of children, it’s a cross between Bill Cosby’s Kids Say the Darndest Things and Nick Cannon’s America’s Got Talent. The show is produced by Ellen DeGeneres and the host, Steve Harvey, and has featured a number of kids who have gone viral on the web. Of course, between the scouting abilities of Ellen DeGeneres and the alluring charm and comedic timing of Steve Harvey, Little Big Shots is an exceptionally produced show that balances the talent of the new generation with the innocent nature of children. The show has featured talent as  young as four years old and as old as twelve years old, and all of the children featured are beautifully talented. Children from Japan to College Park to Venice are called into NBC Studios to show the world everything from ballet, to hypnosis, to jaw dropping musical performances. If you want to catch the next episode and every episode after that, tune in to NBC Sundays at eight o’clock.


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