America’s Next Top Model Reboot

Written by. Chalise Macklin

If you were a viewer sad to see American Idol go, another one of your beloved reality shows that go the axe is being recreated. The show that brought you Eva the Diva (Eva Marcille), YaYa Dacosta, Toccaro Jones, and first male winner Keith Carlos is headed back to the small screen.  Although America’s Next Top Model is considered the most successful fashion show in TV history, it was booted last October from the CW (formally UPN) lineup after 22 cycles. The trailblazing show will now air on VH1.


Insiders indicate the show is set to premiere with a new look, including a brand new logo. Chris McCarthy, General Manager of VH1, said they are working to “reinvent the franchise for a new generation.” The show’s location is moving from Los Angeles where the majority of the previous seasons where filmed to New York, the fashion capitol of the U.S.A. The location is not the only change. Tyra Banks has signed on as an executive producer of the show, but is not expected to return as the host. She released a statement to VH1 that said, “After creating an incredible, global brand. I am beyond excited to have the show reborn, I will continue as executive producer, but must turn my attention to new business endeavors, so I want to find a new host.”

Ken Mok originally developed the show is returning as an executive producer as well. It is unclear if well-known judges such as J Alexander or Andre Leon Talley will return. A new host or the panel of judges has not been announced. There will be 14 contestants on the new season. Also, there is no word yet if this season will be co-ed like the final three seasons nor has a premiere date been set.

Sound off: Are you willing to watch the revamp show without Tyra Banks? Who do you think will make a great host and judges?



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