Hallelujah to this Kontrol Girl!!!

By: Lauren Sims

When you think about a girl, or woman, on fire; the college senior Taylor Morrell comes to mind almost instantly. She is beautiful, smart, creative, and extremely talented! The owner of the new fashion line, Hallelujah Trends, has taken the fashion world by storm, she says “I do everything myself! Of course other people are helping me when I shoot commercials and promo videos, but I pay for everything, I design everything, I run all of my social media, anything that you see in Hallelujah Trends, I did it.” The twenty two year old will tell you in a minute that she is no stranger to hard work. She started the small business with her own money, saving little sums of money from her hourly job, and when she was ready to go, she “jumped in head first”. Did I mention she started this with only $100.00? she told Kontrol Girl “It hasn’t been easy, but luckily for me, I wasn’t bogged down by much of anything other then class and spending time with my friends, but this was a priority to me. I wanted to work for myself, and I didn’t want to get to graduation and be freaking out about what my next step was. This allows me to be creative and I have fun doing it and watching it grow as fast as it has is amazing, it’s truly a testimony of what the brand is all about”. If you’re wondering what the message behind the brand is, it is quite simple, Hallelujah is brand that allows people to be who they are despite their shortcomings, uniqueness, orientation, or walk of life one shirt at a time. Taylor hopes to keep growing her business and spreading the message that “there is still good in the world”. After graduating  she plans to throw herself into her business and see where life takes her. For more information about Hallelujah Trends, click the links below:






Hallelujah wordsHallelujah Long hair

Hallelujah group.jpg



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