Bold, Beautiful, & BAD—Bahja Rodriguez is ALL GROWN UP

Whoever thought that finding brains, beauty, and talent in one person is impossible must never have come across the triple threat that is Bahja Rodriguez. Yes your favorite girl is back and not quite a girl anymore, herein lies womanhood, and she wears it well! Formerly a member of TI and Tiny’s hit girl group, OMG; Bahja is now a solo artist, song writer, and rising star. To know her is to love her, and to not know her means you have been hiding under the largest proverbial rock anyone can think of. So what exactly has this blushing beauty been up to? “Work!” She exclaims, “I have been promoting my album, writing, and keeping it together!”


DSC_2778 as Smart Object-1



Moving forward also means remaining focused and that is weapon of choice as she grinds to the top. She still likes to do the typical “twenty year old” things of shopping, chilling, and getting dolled up, but admits she is single right now. That is right fellas Bahja is free but not looking. “I’m all about my music right now. I’m not closing myself off to a relationship, if it happens, it happens…I’m just not actively pursuing one…” Interestingly, Bahja has been linked to dating one of the members of boy band, Mindless Behavior. She quickly squashes the rumor, describing the band members as her close friends. She also denies a budding rumor that she will be making her acting debut on an upcoming episode of BET’s new hit series, Zoe Ever After. “That would be really awesome because I love the show, but no I won’t be making an appearance…you never know though [she laughs].”

Bahja Rodriguez has truly become the girl to watch. Whether she is making music, slaying a Red Carpet, songwriting, or just being a regular; she exhibits a rare poise and drive of the likes few have ever seen. Lots of young artists have the potential to be great, but Bahja is actually putting that potential into motion. She was an amazing child star and now she is the music industry’s next hit maker. Be sure you grab your own copy of It Gets Better. The only you could only get better music is if Bahja was singing it to herself! People like to think they know the ins and outs of this young lady, but they are wrong. “I’m still figuring things out for myself and being an adult is still relatively new to me…I know there’s nothing I cannot do, and that at the end of the day I am going to be ok.”

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Written by: Michael “Hey Mikey!” Fanning



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