Take another look at BBOD

Written By, Angel White


The female rap duo BBOD hit our reality television radar with a force in more ways than one. With their, ” Oh So  New York” attitudes, we watched as they had old beef, mixed with new beef and more on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop. The group consisting of Sexy Lexyy and Moe Money, are now eager to show the rest of the world who and what they are about.  I got a chance to catch up with the busy rappers to find out a little more about BBOD:


AW: With reality television sometimes being looked at as a negative for aspiring artists, do you feel being on Love and Hip- Hop helped or hurt your career?

BBOD: It definitely helped us as far as getting us out there to people who weren’t familiar with the BBOD brand. As far as how they portrayed us on the show- out of an hour show you only see us 2 or 3 times which totals to about a minute each episode.  So how can u possibly feel like you know someone if you only see them for such a short amount of time.  Even with all the episodes added up you probably didn’t even see us for an hour.


AW: What do you feel is the biggest misconception about BBOD?

BBOD: that we are always fighting. in the real world no one is always angry or fighting all the time it may be something that leads to an argument and even if we do argue me and Alexis will get into an argument and 5 minutes later we are best of friends it just minor disagreements and those are things you’re going to go through period.


AW: BBOD use to have 4 members and parted ways over time and we also watched the 2 of you break up and go through drama on Love and Hip Hop NY but you guys were able to work it out, what’s your advice for friends and business?

BBOD: Communication definitely is key. But your pride to the side and just stay consistent and work things out. Sometimes you might feel like things are a problem but it’s not worth it in the end bc life is not promised.


AW: Trench of Naught by Nature is your uncle Sexy Lexy and has a close relationship with you both- what’s the most important thing you learned from him about the game?

BBOD: Well you know he was in a group as well so he’s definitely someone we look up to and take a lot of advice from him.  He just always tells us stay consistent, stay true to your sound and stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone come in between of anything.


AW: How would you describe your music? In your opinion what makes BBOD different than other rappers?

BBOD: Moe and I are a rap duo there aren’t any other rap duos out right now since Salt and pepper s/o to Salt and Pepper we def look up to them want to meet them and would love to collab with them one day give that back in the day feel mixed with what’s hot now. We are versatile we don’t have just one sound we can switch it up we do pop r&b rap a little bit of everything and we like to have fun.


AW: You recently just dropped the single, “Str8 to it” can you tell us about that track and who you worked with?

BBOD: We recorded in ATL with Chubby Baby the VP of Epic Records, on the hook is one of his artists,  BShay and it basically says get straight to the money straight to whatever your hustle is


AW: Stevie J. is the  producer on your track, “Trill Bitches” and you use to be signed to his label- what was it like working with him and what is your relationship now?

BBOD: BBOD and Stevie J are still really cool. Anytime we get a chance to link or hang out or conversate with Stevie we always do. We are still definitely cool with him and Joseline we met Mimi we met a couple times. As far as working with him it was one of the greatest experiences of our lives,  he’s definitely a professional when it came down to doing the music and being in the studio so we definitely enjoyed the time that we were apart of the Danger Zone music label.  As far as to why it didn’t work out, Stevie end up having so many things and  obligations on the table that we felt he wouldn’t be able to juggle all of that plus our music careers.


AW: You two recently hosted a Sip and Shop with Jetaime Shoes in New Jersey.What was that experience like going from performing and promoting your music to hosting a fashion event?

BBOD: I guess it was a slight change but prior to performing they were party promoters so it wasn’t a drastic change it was something that they were already use to.


AW: You’ve been pursuing music for a while now what’s the difference in your day to life what’s the best and worst change.

BBOD: The Best change is everyone knowing who we are. The worst change is now not able to just got outside gotta be outside with full face be daughter every time now everything has to be on fleek


AW: What’s your dream for BBOD?

BBOD: top 10 billboards, Grammys, movies, our own label for females only. Endless its unlimited We have a bunch of dreams


AW: What’s next for BBOD?

BBOD: Definitely our single,  “Str8 to it”  is buzzing right now, as per our upcoming projects we are coming out with a EP called Reality Check, so you guys can stay tuned. We have a bunch of shows lined up, college tours, all the award shows, Love and Hip-Hop will not be like the only place you see BBOD trust me.






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