Pastel Season

Written by: Barrie Ladipo

After celebrating Easter Sunday, pastel season is certainly in full affect! From the mints to the yellows to the trenches to the silhouettes, the warm weather has no choice but to show itself — consistently. With it officially being Spring, we all may need little help with embracing the season of life in our wardrobe. Here’s a few pieces that would be ideal for you to spring into fashion.

Yellow Dress, Zara, $35.90

The Jetset Diaries Wanderlust Lace Dress,, $289

Paules Heeled Sandals, Aldo, $40

20160328-113105-41465532.jpgFlounced Blouse,, $24.99

Split Cut Midi Dress, Topshop, $115

Cedar Street Maise Bag, Kate Spade, $298

Crepe Peplum Top, Old Navy, $23

Sassey Fringe Heels, Nordstrom, $98

Kimchi Blue Clean Colorblock Bag, Urban Outfitters, $


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