The Power Of IG; How One Model Caught Her Big Break 

Written by: LoveJFab

We all post selfies, our food, throwback pics and whatever else we can capture. But what one woman did is what set her apart from the pack of posters.

Dominique Robinson was an aspiring model, aimlessly scrolling her Instagram feed one day when one of her idols, Tyra Banks posted a scowling-selfie and this;

“This is my face when top model hopefuls ask me on Instagram do they have what it takes, but then I go to their profile and their page is private.”

Kiah commented, “my page isn’t private”, not even expecting to be seen let alone replied to by the Model Mogul! What happened next is one for the books.

I’m not sure what prompted me to respond, but I posted under her photo letting her know that my page wasn’t private. Next thing I know I get a notification that Tyra had commented under one of my photos—one where I was in class with no makeup, a beanie covering my hair, and an oversized sweater—and she said,

“You got it boo. Face for days!!!”

I didn’t hear anything from Tyra for a year after that fateful day when she commented on my photo, but continued to post pictures to my Instagram whenever I would book a modeling gig, whether it was photos of me at a casting, getting my make-up done, or just a cute selfie to show that I could smize with the best of them! I would tag #TyraBanks in every photo, along with other popular hashtags such as #Photographer and #NewYorkCityModel, which helped to catch the attention of photographers wanting to work with me. I don’t know what made me decide to do 30 hashtags on one photo, but I knew that whatever I was doing was working!
Then earlier this year I got a direct message from some unknown person claiming that they worked for Tyra and that they were working on a “secret beauty project” and wanted to know if I was in the LA area. I stayed with a girl who I had met while at the ANTM audition the previous year. Since the project was super exclusive, I had very limited details on what exactly it was, so when Tyra Banks walked by me on set, you can imagine my surprise! Here I was, just a petite model from New Jersey, finally meeting my idol and shooting for her new product line, TyraBeauty. To say it was a dream come true is an understatement.

Working with TyraBeauty opened up so many doors for me once I got back home. I started booking larger campaigns such as Coca-Cola and Bobbi Brown, but I knew that being a petite model in New York City—the fashion capital—was only going to get me so far. I felt that doing commercial work in LA would open up more doors for me, and also would allow me to start working as an actress—another one of my dreams. So I set a date to move out to LA, convinced a friend who was an aspiring personal trainer to move out there with me, and on October 22nd we put our clothes in vacuum-sealed bags and packed everything in my car and headed on a cross-country trip.

Since I’ve been here I’ve reconnected with Tyra to let her know that I’m now in LA and can do more with TyraBeauty, and I’m taking private acting lessons as well. I continue to book national campaigns, and just recently signed to a commercial agency. Anything I make from my modeling gigs I literally invest right back into myself, and I’ll still be broke, but I’m just investing into another thing that I want to do. I know my dream of being the Black Kate Moss—a well-known petite model who was discovered by Calvin Klein—is going to happen.


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