Rihanna Works

Written by: Barrie Ladipo

Ms. Rude Gyal always knows how to keep her navy wanting more. Ri-Ri finally drops a full music video featuring October’s Very Own, Drake. Her new single, Work ft. Drake, is being played on every radio, in every club, in every car, and maybe in every grocery store around the world. Now there isn’t one, but two videos for this instant smash!

The first video takes place in a nightclub displaying what your body naturally wants to do when this records plays. The video was shot in Toronto, Cananda, which gives it a real dancehall feel. Rihanna also makes sure that she pays homage to her Barbadian roots with the flag tied heavenly, around her thigh.

As the first video fades, the second one begins. With this version of  Work ft. Drake, the pink and purple room creates a very intimate, yet innocent tone. Rihanna even adds the sheer top displaying — well, I’ll leave that alone,— a cameo with Drizzy.

Are they trying to tell us  something?

Check out both videos below.


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