Jessica Parker Kennedy Sets Sail to Our Hearts



Written By: Michael “Hero” Fanning

They say a setback is only a setup for success. When you run into one dead end you should never give up. Just relax, regroup, and give it another go, right? Well in the world of the entertainment industry setbacks are as common as paved streets. The failures and hurtles you must overcome to land that one, golden opportunity; can number to infinity! Indeed it those with imbued with divine destiny who realize the road to stardom is a broken one. You have to make the journey one step at a time, one role at a time, and one foot in the door to transition from a virtual unknown to everyone’s It Girl. Few actresses grasp this better than the lovely Jessica Parker Kennedy. Jessica is a rising star in Hollywood, blessed with undaunted optimism, amazingly positive energy, and the refined talent that will make her a household name. Starring in hit series like The Secret Circle, and now Black Sails, she is woman truly in “Kontrol” of her destiny. “I just know what it is I am trying to accomplish, and I know that staying steadfast and never giving up are really a part of it!”

The acting bug bites people at various ages, but made Jessica its budding victim at the age of twelve. Since then she has been educated and trained in theater arts, becoming a true thespian. “Knowing the craft is really important. It’s your base. I knew I wanted to be an actress and my mom was really supportive and helped me with that with my education…I went to a performing arts high school and then studied further in college…” Jessica’s hard work has definitely paid off as she has amassed an impressive repertoire of television roles on hit shows like 90210,Smallville, Valemont; and recently appearing in the Perfect Guy alongside Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, and Morris Chestnut. “I love being different characters! I feel like I’m the girl people know and have seen in so many shows that they feel like they know me… I love when fans recognize me from my different roles…it really feels good when people recognize you for your work!”

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