The “New” Fashion World

Written by: Barrie Ladipo

The fashion world certainly had their jaws dropped when the PSA of Raf Simons leaving Dior and then Alber Elbaz peacing out of Lavin (as if the planned it together). With the pot stirring up the suspicion of brands pardoning the backs to their creative directors like Phoebe Philo from Celine and Heidi Slimane from Saint Laurent, the curiosity increases on what is going? Seems to be a decrease on sales to the focal point of the interest in the consumers that can dramatically change the fashion all together.

Tom Ford has already prepped to reveal his A/W Collections in September, both men and women, with the instant availability to obtain pieces from the collection in store and online once it is shown. Christopher Bailey of Burberry has also chose to hold back the showcase of collections by hosting only two shows a year following with immediate purchase right off the runway.

In retrospect, Mode Operandi started this trend with their business launching back in 2010, with the notion on giving consumers the chance to order clothes right after being viewed on the runway. With designers catching up to the convenience of technology, may change a lot for fashion.

With the easy click of a button habit with buying almost everything, brands even started to keep pre-fall images until pieces are actually for sale. So with everything becoming such a convenience for consumers, what is the point of Fashion Week? Do we even need it? With this rate, we can obtain collections at anytime compared to Heavy knitwear in the Summer and mini dresses during the blizzard months. We all will be on trends faster than ever before.


These future alterations will certainly turn this world we know as fashion sideways, well, that is what fashion is, right? Kind of seems like fashion has been slacking in their evolution with technology, but fashion lovers can’t be to mad with the convenience of getting what we love on the runway right in our closets. The fashion Gods finally heard us!



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