Five Must Have Nails For New Years Eve

Well, 2015 is finally coming to an end–and what better way to celebrate than to hit up some New Years Eve parties, right? We all know that NYE is the ultimate time to turn up and just have a great time with friends. But in the midst of turning up, you also want to look good as well. You’ve decided on an outfit, your hair appointment is already set, and you’re already preparing to beat your face to the GAWDS. Now, it’s time to decide on your nails. Despite what others may think, the perfect nail art could accentuate any hand jewelry or your overall outfit in general. You may think that people aren’t paying attention to your hands, but majority of today’s men love a woman with pretty hands and feet. It shows them that you keep yourself up and actually take the time out to care about your appearance in every aspect. So, with that being said, I’m going to give you five nail art ideas for New Years Eve. Check them out below!


Pink & Gold Glitter Gradient – Feeling sparkly? These would be the perfect nails for you. With these killer nails, you’ll definitely catch the eyes of a few.

Photo Creds: @thenailtrail


Black & Burgundy w/ A Hint Of Nude – If you’re looking to go for more of a classy, matte or polished look, this is the look for you. Simply beautiful! The jewels are optional, but for glamour, I would recommend using them.

Photo Creds: @dndang


2016! – Simple, chic, and easy! Gorgeous nails for any NY gathering. 

Color Recommendation: China Glaze “Break The Ice”

Photo Creds: @mireyaaxo


Cheers To The New Year – CHEERS!!! Get creative and try something new. Since NYE is known for its expensive wine and champagne glasses, it’s only right to incorporate this unique design. This look was created with two colors: a matte black and the glitter “Champagne Kisses” by Pipe Dream Polish–along white acrylic trimming the glasses. Also, be sure to finish your look off with a glossy clear top coat!

Photo Creds: @runningwithlacquer


Olive Meets Gold & Black – Not too flashy; not too fancy, in fact, just right. These nails could accentuate any black outfit perfectly. It’s calm–yet very chic, and slightly glam. Super pretty! 

Photo Creds: @vanityprojects

Written by: Ashley Blackwell (@ashleytearra)


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