7 Things To Do To Overcome Holiday Season Loneliness

With the holidays rolling in, this is the time of the year that most of us women tend to get the loneliest. It’s the time of the year where everything seems so fairy tale. From the big beautiful trees, to the glowing lights, and the site of people gathered around singing Christmas carols–everything is perfect. Everywhere you go you see couples that are seemingly in love–walking through the department stores, holding hands, and just enjoying each other’s company. In your mind you are oooo-ing and aww-ing at how cute they really are–that is until you realize your harsh reality, you’re single. You have no one to buy a cute gift for, no one to kiss under the mistletoe, no one is on your roster at the moment. It completely sucks, right?

You began to think, “Here it is the holidays and I’m single once again.” At some point, we have all had that visual of drinking hot chocolate around the fire place, while we’re cuddled up with the guy we love–how romantic.

As the taunting thoughts of being alone are running through your mind, you turn to food as your comfort, continuing to drown yourself in sorrow, sadness, and lots and lots of ham, dressing, potato salad….okay maybe the food part isn’t so bad, but you get the point.

I know, we all have our days where the single life is not what’s up. However, do not let that ruin what’s suppose to be one of the most joyous times of the year. Do not let that stop you from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with your family and friends. Those are the loved ones that matters most. Rushing into a relationship just because you’re “lonely” will not fix anything. A lot of times we jump into things too fast due to vulnerability–not even knowing the person is a complete waste of time. So, if staying single for a while will save me from wasting time that I cannot get back, or save me from gaining permanent heartbreak over temporary feelings, then hell, I’ll wait 20 years. The point is, being lonely can make us do crazy things, do not fall victim to it. Do not suffocate yourself in depression over being “the single one” for a while. Be free, be happy, love YOU.

So, in order to help you overcome your holiday loneliness,  there’s a list of 7 things you could do to keep your mind in good spirits. Check them out below.


Get Crafty

Show your creative side through arts and crafts! If you’re like me, and you love showing off your artistic side, partake in some holiday crafts by working on a project. Personalized ornaments, mason jars, wreaths, and handmade crochet or sewn apparel are good for starters. See Pinterest for more ideas!


Bake Goodies

Who doesn’t like experimenting in the kitchen with some baked goodies? Bake up some cookies, cakes, or pies and get your munch on. Add some food decor (IE: icing, candy, sprinkles) to make it even more fun. If you have kids, this would be great as a family activity.


Stay Around Family/Friends

It is never fun to go through the holidays alone! Even if you don’t have that special guy in your life, your family and friends are always going to be there. Whether it’s baking cookies, decorating the Christmas tree, or watching movies, think of good ways to bring your loved ones together and spend quality time!


Pamper Yourself

Treat yourself to a shopping spree, get your hair done, get your nails done. Spend a day doing nothing but self pampering. If you don’t have much money, do it at home! Nothing like a hot bath. We all need some “me time” at some point or another. A great way to get in some relaxation and prep for your holiday fleekness.


Indulge In A Good Book

Reading is a good way to take yourself to a different element, as well as soothe the mind! Channel your inner nerd. We all have it deep down somewhere.


Play Music

It’s so simple, plug in your headphones or blast the music through your speakers. Music is good for the soul. Lift your spirits with your favorite kind of music. If you’re going to be alone then you might as well have fun while you are, right? It’s also a good way to get exercise. Don’t hesitate to drop it like it’s hot; no one’s watching.



There are so many ways to lend a helping hand during this season. From gift wrapping, to helping out a family in need. Find ways to give back to your community! Get out of the house, be productive, and do a good deed.  I don’t know about you, but seeing smiles on the faces of others, instantly puts a smile on mine. So many young children are going without this year; you have the power to change that. Offering your love, and showing that you care goes a long way.


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