New Product: The Cat Eye 101

By: Krissy Lewis

A new makeup line, Able Cosmetics, has recently rolled out with a new easy-to-use black liquid liner that’s changing the way you apply eyeliner.

Founded in 2015, Able Cosmetics, delivers a carefully designed products for a unique and sleek look. Dana Rae, a New York based makeup artist, studied errors to create a brand that will solve the issues in the beauty world.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
Able Cosmetics breakout product, the Cat Eye 101, is smudge free and long-lasting for any day and night affair. The liner also comes with a rubber stencil on the cap to help you achieve the perfect cat eye. All you have to do is line the cap with your outer corners and fill in. Click here for an easy apply tutorial.
The Cat Eye 101 is sold exclusively at Able Cosmetics.
Are you feeling this new eyeliner? Vote Yay or nay in our beauty poll below:





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