Chris Brown Covers Notion Magazine [PHOTOS]

As the release of his seventh album, “Royalty”, approaches, Chris Brown has been doing lots of promo–including his recent cover shoot for Notion Magazine. The 26-year-old VA singer covered the magazine looking Godly, while wearing an all white Coke jacket and white pants. Throughout the shoot, Brown gave a slight tease with a sneak peek at his abs–and let’s just say the ladies went crazy. How can you not love Breezy?

At the age of 16, brown dominated the music scene with his killer moves and smooth sound. Now, 10 years later, he’s still doing the d*mn thing! Although the singer has suffered plenty of hardships throughout his career, his main focuses has always been about the music and giving the fans what they want. 

After run-ins with the law, bad breakups, and even more, Chris Brown has turned over a new leaf–specifically for his daughter, Royalty–whom he named his upcoming seventh album after. Since entering fatherhood, I must say, Brown seems to be much happier. He says that becoming a father really grounded him and made him a better man. 

“Royalty”, will officially hit stores December 18th. Be sure to get your copy! 

Congratulations to Chris on the new album! 

Check out the exclusive photos from Notion Magazine below: 


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